40 Creative and Simple Sight Word Activities for the Classroom

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40 Sight Word Activities for the Classroom

You know that your students need lots of practice with sight words to become fluent, accurate readers and writers. But how do you keep it engaging when you’re teaching t-h-e over and over and over again? Check out this mega-list of low-prep, multisensory, and FUN sight word activities that you can use in your classroom right away. 

1. Spell words to a familiar tune.

2. Feed a word monster.

3. Search for pom-poms under “sight word cups.”

4. Play sight word KABOOM.

Directions to this easy and ever-adaptable classroom classic.

(Need a refresher on the rules? Teacher Jillian Starr covers them.) 

5. Roll and write words.

6. Or, write words with rainbow colors.

7. Trace words with flashlights.

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💚💙💚Sight words for days!! All my firsties know at least 80% of their sight words! 👊We work on them every day!! What's your favorite way to practice sight words?? Let me know in the comments…always looking for new ideas!!💡💚💙💚 🌟Link in bio for the flashlights! #sightwords #makelearningfun #iteachreading . . . . #iteachfirstgrade #iteachwhatsyoursuperpower #firstgradeteacher #books  #teachershare #teachertips #teachersofinsta #teachersofinstagram #homeschool #iteachsped #preschoolteacher #classroomideas #kindergartenteacher #iteach2nd #iteach3rd #iteach4th #iteach #iteach456 #igteacher #teachersfollowteachers #primaryteacher #teachertribe #teacher #firstyearteacher

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8. Or, sleuth out words with a magnifying glass.

9. Find words in a sensory bin.

10. Spy words around the classroom.

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I’m excited to try this activity with my kids next week! It’s a lot like our Word Bird (scroll through prior posts to learn about him!). I’m going to put these sight word handprints all over the room. The kids will then grab a clipboard and crayon and color a circle each time they see a specific sight word. For some of my kids I will encourage them to find one sight word at a time. For other kids I will encourage them to color the chart as they find sight words. The most important thing is for the kids to SAY the sight word as they are finding it which increases their fluency of these words. Here are how I introduce sight words. 1. I definitely follow the scope and sequence of the curriculum I am using (EP, P or K). These scopes were very thought through so we feel they are in a scope of when children need to learn specific sight words. 2. I only focus on about 5 sight words at a time. As I notice that the majority of the kids have mastered a word, I will pull that word out of whole group activities and off our writing word wall (knowing that they will see them still in activities imbedded in the yearlong). I then add another. 3. The most important part is that although I follow the scope I also stay flexible with the words. If I find a word that is coming up in a lot of our activities that they are having difficult with – I’ll add that. If I find a word that we are using a lot in our writing – I’ll add that. So, for example, 4 of these words comes from our K scope. But the word “my” is a word that the kids have been using a lot in their writing and spelling “mi”. This activity will be in the newbie section along with blank templates so you can use it for your specific sight words, letters or numbers. @lauren_nesler

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11. Or, spy words in the morning message.

12. Build words with bricks.

13. Write words in individual sandboxes.

14. Or, make a word construction site.

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SIGHT WORDS SAND PLAY – 16 years ago, a 5-year-old boy changed the course my life. – He sat next to me in a kindergarten hallway IN TEARS, begging me not to MAKE him read. – He looked at me with big, tear-filled, devastated eyes and said, “I thought you were my friend.” – It shook me. It changed me. – I was convinced learning to read shouldn’t be this painful. It shouldn’t be dreaded and awful. – I went home that day determined to find a way to make reading fun, not just for him, but for every child I could possibly reach. – That moment inspired my mission at Planning Playtime, and we have now reached hundreds of millions of teachers and parents around the world with our Play-to-Learn reading and math games. – I’m sharing another fun one we tried out just yesterday. – It’s hard not to have fun with your SIGHT WORDS with your hands covered in sand and dump trucks and stamps on hand. – Get the printables and the rest of the fun set in our SIGHT WORDS set. LINK in profile. – #planningplaytime #playlearners #learningthroughplay #funlearning #funlearningathome #sightwords #sightwordsarefun #kindergartenfun #kindergartenready #kindergartenbound #kindergartenlife #kindergartners #kinderlove #teacherstuff #educationalactivities #teacherideas #iteachprek #iteachkinder #prekteacher #prekfun #prekteachers #playtolearn #playathome #playlearning #teachpreschool #prekindergarten #preschoolactivities #preschoolfun #prekactivities

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15. Spell words with toy cars.

16. Or, park cars in a sight word “parking lot.”

17. “Plant” words in play dough.

18. Build words in a sensory tub.

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👀SIGHT WORDS👀 A mini lesson on sight word practice this morning! We usually only do 3 or 4 words at a time; we work on the letter sounds, and forming the words! 🤩 This time I’m having her find the letters to each word and sound them out as we go! 🙌🏼 There are no more letters in the bin than what she needs, so there are no distractions (other than 🌪 little brother 🤪) These sight word cards from @kindergartentoolkit have been such an awesome resource for our learning journey 🙌🏼🤩 The alphabet is linked in my amazon shop! Happy Sunday, everyone! . . . . #coffeeandspitup #toddler #toddleractivity #toddleractivities #preschool #homeschool #learningthroughplay #playislearning #playtolearn #imaginativeplay #learnthroughplay #letthemplay #letthembelittle #kids #play #love #learn #mom #momlife #motherhood #woodentoys #freeplay #openendedtoys #openendedplay #invitationtoplay #montessori #sensorybin #preschool #homeschoolpreschool #sightwords

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19. Write words on a magnetic drawing board.

20. Write words on the table with shaving cream.

21. Or, write words on the window!

22. Shhh! Discover secret words written in invisible ink.

23. Dot-paint words with a cotton swab.

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Decorate sight words with Q-tips and paint

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24. “Type” words on a keyboard cover.

25. Give those words a high five. 

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I love this great idea to reinforce sight words. If I were still teaching, I would definitely use this genius way of reviewing words…but since I am retired,I know a few teachers who might want to try it! @ktgretchen @lbuckley688 @k10n @julie_bigideasforlittlehands #Repost @educatinglittles with @get_repost ・・・ (Ignore my man voice) How awesome are they?! I saw this little hack on a fellow insta-teachers page (can’t remember who), and thought I would give it a shot! So excited!!! I think it’s going to be a great help getting to know our sight words. I placed them on the inside and outside so they have to read them when exiting and entering the room. 💛💛💛 #preK #kindergartenteacher #firstgradeteacher #firstgradeclassroom #studentteacherlessonideas #iteachsightwords #sightwordsarefun #sightwordskindergarten #sightwords1stgrade

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26. Or, read words for fist bumps.

27. Read words before heading out the door.

28. Or, read the word the teacher’s wearing!

29. Take a sight word cakewalk.

30. Play sight word hopscotch outdoors.

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Hopping into Friday like…

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31. Or, hop to words inside.

32. Or, simply jump and spell.

33. Bowl those words right over.

34. Hit words with foam darts.

35. Or, toss a ball and read the word it lands on.

36. Read words to beat the clock.

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Beat the ⏰ Snagged this idea from @abmissc_ the other week! My kids have been loving this! Each day as a language warm up, we line up and take turns reading one word at a time as fast as we can. When we get to the end of the list the clock stops and we see if we beat our time from the previous day! This is a really great way ((easy)) to mix up sight word practice, especially at this point in the school year! If you don’t follow Amanda, be sure to go check out her page! She has loads of great ideas! . . . #sightwords #sightwordgames #beattheclock #journeyssightwords #sharingideas #teachersshare #teachersshareideas #teachersfollowteachers #teachersofinstagram #teachersofinsta #teachersofthegram #teachersofig #iteach #teachk #iteachtoo #iteachkinder #iteachkindergarten #iteachk #teachingink #teachinginkindergarten #creatinginkindergarten

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37. Or, race to write words in all four corners of a dry-erase board.

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Teacher vs Student games are my favorite – they easily get students engaged! I creatively call this game “Four Corners Tricky Word Game” – don’t ask me why 😆 To play: 1. Students and teacher write the spelling or high frequency word in the middle. 2. Teacher starts the race. 3. Students and teacher race to see who can write the word in the four corners faster. When finished writing the words in all four corners students and teacher hold their boards up in the air. First one up wins! 4. The winner gets one point. 🔆 I have a running score board in my room that I use for various games. Students work for 10 points. When they get 10 they get a gummy bear, but if I beat them to 10, I get a gummy bear.

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38. Play sight word checkers.

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Sight word game: checkers

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39. Or, how about sight word Guess Who?

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I am so super excited to incorporate even more games into my classroom this year, starting with Sight Word Guess Who, and it’s available NOW in my #teacherspayteachers store (DM for the direct link ❤️). I included sight words from pre-primer to third grade level along with multiple sets of directions for different ways to play (including ways to differentiate the games to make them accessible for all learners) and “question prompts” for students to use as needed to encourage game play. Last year, board games were a huge hit, so I’m looking forward to introducing them to something new! What games do you play in your classroom? . . . #teachersoftpt #tpt #teachersofthegram #teachersoninstagram #setthestagetoengage #igconnect4edu #classroomideas #iteachela #iteachk #iteachkinder #iteachkindergarten #iteach1st #iteachfirst #iteachsecond #iteach2nd #sightwords #iteachelementary #elementaryteacher #primaryteacher #spedteacher #spedsquad #specialeducationteacher

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40. Flip through sight word sentences.

We’d love to hear—what are your favorite sight word activities? Come and share in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook.

Plus, what are sight words?

40 Creative and Simple Sight Word Activities for the Classroom

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