Make Spelling Practice Fun With This Free Jeopardy-Style Spelling Game

My students are begging me for extra spelling practice! This is awesome.

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Did you know that more words start with the letter S than with any other letter? Or that you can spell out all the numbers from 1 to 99 and never use the letter A? Despite being occasionally tricky, spelling is pretty darn cool. Of course our friends at the Scripps National Spelling Bee agree. Together, we’ve created a spelling game we know you and your students will love. Check it out!

Photo of a tablet showing the Conquer the Word spelling game and it's accompanying worksheets

The game is playable on Google Slides, making it perfect for classroom use. And you have the option of downloading two versions of this adorable game! The first is ready to play using a selection of third-, fourth-, and fifth-grade words from the Scripps National Spelling Bee study list, Words of the ChampionsThese words and 4,000 others are available for free in the Word Club app. Perfect for learning on the go, your students will love using this app to review spelling and vocabulary words as they prepare for their classroom spelling bee.

Photo of a tablet showing a slide from the Conquer the Word spelling game

The second version of the game is blank. You’ll be able to customize the categories and questions using your own words. You can use the words from your own spelling lists, words that frequently appear in the books you’re reading in class or the unit you’re currently studying, or from the 4,000 words in the Scripps National Spelling Bee’s Word Club app.

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Click the links below to access your copy of this awesome game. We know you and your students are going to have a blast “conquering the word!”

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Make spelling practice an engaging, fun part of the school day with this awesome spelling game from the Scripps National Spelling Bee!