Your Students Will Love Practicing Reading Skills With This Fun Board Game

Practice makes permanent.

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word blends reading game board with colorful spaces and word families plus backpack image with lines for words printable phonics game

In order to learn how to read, most kids need great teaching in phonological awareness, phonics, comprehension, and fluency. They also need lots of practice. By making the practice fun, your students will become motivated to apply the skills they’ve learned and keep moving forward. That’s why, in partnership with Voyager Sopris, we developed this travel-themed printable phonics game called Word Trip. It’ll get students to practice their reading and writing skills by working with word families–and they’ll have fun doing it.

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How do students play Word Trip?

colorful game board reading practice games

It’s a two player game designed for students to practice their knowledge of word families and blends. They move along the path by thinking of words that are in the word family written on the space they are currently on. For example, if a piece lands on -ig, the student must then think of words like big, pig, or fig. The number of words they develop corresponds to the number of spaces they move forward for their next turn. The winner of the game is the one who gets to the end of the board first with a backpack filled with words!

image of backpack with lines inside for kids to write words


When should students play Word Trip?

It’s a pretty quick game that gets kids writing, thinking, and reading. Sending your intervention students to play the game right after a lesson would help them continue the lesson without needing you. The best time to use this game would be after students have built a repertoire of individual sound-symbol associations and are phonemically aware.

How to get the most out of the game?

After your students play the game, take a look at their backpack words. Provide positive encouragement and recognition by acknowledging the words they created. Talk about areas for improvement. Ask them questions about the words they created and help them make connections.

How do I get my free Word Trip game?

Just fill in the form on this page to get your free printable with the directions, game board, and recording sheet. As a BONUS, you’ll get 3 game board versions: full color, black and white, and one you can laminate and write in the word families your students need to practice.


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