12 Relatable School Pizza Party Memes

The ultimate class incentive.

School pizza party memes example featuring a sliver of pizza and three Skittles on a purple plastic plate with text that says, This pizza party is gonna be lit with a flame emoji.

School pizza parties are the ultimate incentive for many students. Whether it’s to promote a quiet or well-behaved classroom, encourage best efforts on an exam, boost class participation, or just celebrate the middle or end of the school year, there’s nothing that gets students to oblige quite like a slice of pizza. The school pizza party phenomenon has been the subject of many memes, and we’ve collected the very best and most relatable ones below, so you can laugh while you plan your next party.

1. Looks good to me.

Elementary school pizza parties be like with a photo of a small slice of pizza- school pizza party memes

Hey, at least it’s still pizza, right?

Source: memes.com

2. Only pepperoni?!

Text saying When there's only one kind of pizza at the school party, and a photo of Spiderman staring at a slice of pizza

What if you are vegetarian?! Sometimes life is just so unfair.

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3. Don’t be that teacher.


Teacher smiling and the words promises pizza party for class, never has one

No one loves this teacher. Remember to keep your promise if you use a pizza party as an incentive! Or else …

Source: quickmeme.com

4. Trying your best.

Text saying Teachers really used to hype up the end of year party just to serve us this with a photo of a slice of pizza and coke drink, and text saying underpaid teachers who are trying to make an effort to their students, and photo of crying cat giving a thumbs up

Sometimes the effort (and money) that goes into a pizza party is undermined by the little things. At least this cat is rooting for you!

Source: twitter.com/respectfulmemes

5. A conundrum.

Text saying when you don't want to go to school but there is a pizza party, and photo of kid looking suspicious

Like we said, a pizza party really is quite the incentive … even to just show up at school!

Source: makeameme.com

6. More for the teacher.

Text saying the teacher cutting up the pieces of pizza for the class pizza party with a photo of a very thinly sliced of bread

Life hack: If you cut the slices small enough for your students, you can keep a bigger slice for yourself.

Source: Ahseeit.com

7. Don’t forget a dessert!

Text saying this school pizza party is gonna be lit with a photo of a thin slice of pizza and three skittles

Nothing gets a classroom of students more excited than three whole Skittles on their pizza party plate.

Source: iFunny.com

8. A visual guide.

Pie chart with words POV: it's the class pizza party- school pizza party memes

This themed pie graph takes the pizza pie metaphor quite literally.

Source: imgflip.com

9. All eyes on you.

Text the class when teach says pizza party with photo of cartoon seagulls staring at the screen

You’ve never seen a classroom of eyes and ears perk up faster, we guarantee it.

Source: pinatafarm.com

10. Classic Starterpack

Text saying class party starterpack with photos of goldfish, cookies, red solo cup and Coca Cola

Those sugar cookies are definitely a staple. If no one eats them, it’s more leftovers for you!

Source: knowyourmeme.com

11. That one student.

Text saying the class when the student who won them the pizza party shows up to class, the class when the student who lost them the pizza party shows up to class

Be warned, students … we can take away a pizza party just as quickly as we plan one.

Source: smlfanon.com

12. So close.

when the other class wins the pizza party by one box-top

The perfect excuse to get pizza for your classroom, so close yet so far away. …

Source: memes.com

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The most relatable school pizza party memes about the best incentive you could possibly give to your classroom.