4 Surprising Ways K–12 Leaders Use Salesforce to Overcome Big Challenges

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Salesforce Helps School Leaders Overcome Challenges

We know what you’re thinking: I’m a school leader—not a sales leader—so how can Salesforce help me? 

Enter Salesforce.org’s integrated solutions for schools and districts, Education Cloud for K–12.

Schools are made up of different communities—teachers, support staff, school leaders, parent volunteers, local donors, and more.

At many schools and districts, the information and systems managed by these groups often get stuck in silos. Education Cloud for K-12 uses the world’s #1 CRM to break down these silos by connecting everything and everyone on a single platform. Simply put, Education Cloud for K–12 makes your school—and ultimately your students—more efficient and successful. 

The foundation of Education Cloud is K–12 Kit . K–12 Kit makes it easy for schools and districts to get started with Salesforce. Get true 360-degree views of student needs and outcomes, take collaborative actions, and better engage families with the custom education data architecture for student and school success. Built on Salesforce’s secure CRM platform and aligned to the Ed-Fi Alliance K–12 data standard, K–12 Kit is easily customizable—from reports and dashboards to third-party or custom-built apps.

Get your free copy of The K–12 Trailblazer’s Guide to Salesforce to see all the ways Education Cloud for K–12 and K–12 Kit can help your school overcome its challenges. Here are four of our favorites:

Challenge 1: Academic and Behavior Management

A student is acting out in class. Their teachers don’t know which interventions have been used in the past—or if they worked.

Solution: Salesforce.org Education Cloud gives schools a 360-degree view of students. At Boston Day and Evening Academy, a high school serving students at risk for dropping out, teachers use Salesforce not only to monitor data on their students’ academic strengths and gaps but also their social-emotional needs. By logging behavior incidents and risk factors—like a student who misses assignments after their parent suffers a job loss—staff can quickly see which past interventions have positively or negatively impacted students. 

Challenge 2: Parent Communication

Your school struggles to juggle multiple systems for managing parent communication, such as email newsletters, appointment setting, and reminders. 

Solution: Personalize and track all your parent communication efforts using Salesforce’s proven marketing tools, such as Pardot. Denver Public Schools sends regular newsletters and ad-hoc notifications to 54,000 parents, using this single system. With consolidated and consistent email communications, outreach is not just one size fits all; schools can target by neighborhood, language, prior engagement, and more. The district can easily track open and click rates to understand which content is most compelling and modify subsequent communications accordingly.

Challenge 3: Fundraising and Grant Management

It’s tough to effectively manage grants and cultivate donors to secure the contributions you need to fulfill your mission and add supplemental programs.

Solution: Salesforce.org has a strong track record of helping tens of thousands of nonprofit and educational organizations raise and track funds. Use Education Cloud for K–12 to build donor relationships and easily manage grants. Austin Independent School District (AISD) has built its fundraising capabilities on Salesforce, growing funding tenfold in less than two years. Crowdfunding campaigns integrated with Salesforce have brought in new resources for new programs, such as $20,000 overnight to help pay for school lunches in a district in which 55 percent of students are on free or reduced lunch. The district can easily track when a donor gave, which cause they supported, and how much they donated—the basis of a long-term, individualized strategy for growing donor relationships.

Challenge 4: Admissions and Enrollment

You want to provide a better admissions experience for applicants and their families. But it’s time-consuming to streamline different systems and processes.

Solution: Streamline your school’s application, registration, and placement experience with Education Cloud for K–12. Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep (SHC) in San Francisco used to have a complex enrollment process in which its four-person admissions team struggled to effectively communicate with over 1,200 families each year. SHC sought a flexible admissions tool to share key details of interactions across staff. The school now manages its entire admissions process in Salesforce. They’re able to connect information on student and parent interactions, demographics, financial aid, and events attended. The platform also houses grades, test scores, and other information necessary to determine whether the student is qualified to attend. Admissions decisions are communicated back out via Salesforce community portals.

Get your free copy of The K–12 Trailblazer’s Guide to Salesforce to see all the ways Education Cloud for K–12 can help your school or district succeed.

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