Free Printable: Classroom Tech Rules Posters

Download the eight mini-posters, free printables from WeAreTeachers and Troxell. Each poster illustrates an important rule for one-to-one classroom.

So much is going on in the busy one-to-one classroom. Keyboards are clicking, mice are wiggling, the Internet is buzzing. How do you keep it under control? Classroom routine makes all the difference. Have procedures for when and how students can use their tech devices. Have clear rules for which sites students can visit online and when. Spend time teaching your students a routine for naming and saving documents. Setting routines for using technology will pay off all year long.

Even with the best prep, a little visual reinforcement doesn’t hurt to keep your students on track! Download the eight mini-posters—free printables from WeAreTeachers. Each poster illustrates an important classroom rule for one-to-one classroom.

Download of PDF of all eight posters here or click on the individual posters.

Eyes on Screen PosterFood and Drink Poster

Laptop PosterPassword Poster

Printer PosterSave Your Work PosterTrickyStuffPosterUnapproved Sites Poster

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