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Free Classroom Tech Rules Posters

So much is going on in the busy one-to-one classroom. Keyboards are clicking, mice are wiggling, the Internet is buzzing. How do you keep it under control? A little visual reinforcement doesn’t hurt to keep your students on track! Just submit your email  to get our free classroom tech rules posters. Each poster illustrates an important classroom rule for the one-to-one classroom.

1. Save your work.

The save button is your best friend.

2. Think before you print.

Save a tree.

3. Keep your password to yourself.

Passwords aren’t for sharing.

4. Eyes on your own screen.

Mind your business.

5. Leave tricky stuff to the experts.


There’s no need to start dissecting the computers. 😀

6. Watch where you click.

It’s a scary Internet out there.

7. Keep food and drink away from technology.

Spaghetti doesn’t belong on keyboards.

8. Respect the laptop.

No juggling allowed.

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