9 Free Printable Early Childhood Resources From the Learn & Play App

Free lessons, activities, printables, e-books, tips, and more.

Preschool girl with hands covered in colorful paint - Early Childhood Resources

If you don’t know about the free Learn & Play Tip-a-Day app from Brookes Publishing, then you’re in for a treat. We got special permission to share our favorite early childhood resources from the app, which you can save and print right away. And be sure to download the app, so you won’t miss any of the upcoming lessons, activities, printables, e-books, tips, and ideas that are shared every day. Plus you’ll get access to all of the awesome resources that have already been shared.

1. Checklist of Important Elements for Supporting Early Literacy 

Literacy Checklist - Early Childhood Resources

Print out this two-page checklist so you can make sure your classroom has all the key elements for supporting early literacy. For example, you’ll want it to include things like a comfortable area where children can look at books of their choice and make sure you have a ratio of at least five picture books for each child. This is one of our favorite early childhood resources; use it as you set up your classroom for back to school or plan for the following school year. Download your early literacy classroom checklist.

2. Fun Activities for Boosting Phonological Awareness 

Help promote phonological awareness in your students and try one of these 11 activities in your classroom—or share them with parents to try at home. Play Silly Words, a game to help promote phoneme awareness and isolation, and Robot Talk, a game that teaches phoneme blending. Download your phonological awareness activities.

3. Scientific Observation Activity

This simple activity introduces children to the word “observe” and to observation as a scientific practice. First, show an apple and tell the class that everyone is going to observe it. Then encourage children to use different senses by thinking about the apple’s features. What color is the apple? How does it feel? Is it smooth or rough? Hot or cold? Get your scientific observation activity.

4. Checklist for Working With Parents 

Print this parent communication checklist to refer to before parent conferences and throughout the year. It includes important reminders. For example, “Am I positively reinforcing parents for their cooperation?” or “Did I proofread everything for clarity?” Periodically refer to this handout to build strong relationships with parents. Download your parent communication checklist.

5. Stress-Busters for Young Children 


Stress Busters Handout - Early Childhood Resources

Stress isn’t an emotion felt only by adults. Whether it’s losing a game or dealing with divorce, little kids can be affected by stress in big ways. This pretty printable is perfect as classroom reference material as well as a parent resource. It provides 20 practical stress-busting ideas. For instance, try using a peace rose in your classroom for conflict resolution or baking and squishing activities for frustration relief. Download your stress-busters printable.

6. Playtime Tips for Children With Autism 

Playtime can be stressful for parents who have a child with autism, but you can help make it more enjoyable for everyone by sharing this handout. It gives parents easy-to-implement tips, like “sit at your child’s level” and “praise with facial expressions, hugs, and tickles.” Download your autism playtime tips handout.

7. Top Nine Ways Children Benefit From Preschool Inclusion 

This beautifully designed infographic explains how inclusive classrooms benefit all children—not just those with disabilities. It’s a great addition to your classroom newsletter or back-to-school-night presentation. Download your inclusion infographic.

8. Lesson That Builds Kindergarten Math Skills Through Storybooks 

Kindergarten Math Lesson - Early Childhood Resources

This free math lesson for kindergarteners uses the storybook Lion’s Lunch to teach math skills. For instance, students will learn about comparison and ordering of whole numbers, early geometry concepts, and the basics of measurement. Download your math lesson.

9. Tips to Help Social Skills Bloom in Preschoolers 

This is another great resource to share with parents on back-to-school night. It’s an early childhood resource that gives parents tips to help them understand social skills. For example, parents can work on skills like negotiation, compromise, and empathy with their preschoolers at home. Download your social skills handout.

Want More Early Childhood Resources?

There are more exciting early childhood resources in the works. Download the Learn & Play Tip-a-Day app so you’ll get them as soon as they’re released. Check out a few of the upcoming resources planned:

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9 Free Printable Early Childhood Resources From the Learn & Play App