Invite Students to Become Secret Agents With This Free Math Printable

It’s time to craft some top secret messages…using math!

Free Math Printable: Become a Math Secret Agent

Invite students to practice writing and solving equations by using this free math printable to transform into Math Secret Agents!

You can use the free printable for students to practice working on addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. Using multiplication as an example, students write down products under each letter of the alphabet. Then they create a secret message or word and write down the equation under bank slots for a peer to decipher!

What to do:

  1. Print and pass out the Top Secret  Agent Alphabet sheet
  2. Have each student write down the answer to their equations under each letter.
  3. Then have each student come up with a secret word or message on their Top Secret Mission cards.
  4. Once students have come up with a secret message or word, have them pass off their Alphabet sheet and Mission card to a peer to solve.

Could their peer decipher their message? You could do this fun activity daily for students to get more confident with their math skills!