Principals often are gifted mugs, ornaments, and baked goods, which they’re always grateful for. But if you want to buy something different that they’ll love, these principal gifts are great options recommended by classroom teachers. From the practical to the pretty, we’ve got options in tons of different areas.

Note: Buying gifts for your principal can sometimes be a matter of debate. Some etiquette gurus say you shouldn’t buy for your boss, and some principals don’t accept gifts from teachers or from families. So before you get to shopping, investigate the principal-gifting culture at your school and evaluate the relationship you have with your principal.

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Gift card in a fun holder

Amazon gift card printable holder for principals

Gift cards always top teachers’ wish lists, so it’s no surprise that admins love them too. These are a great way to buy the principal a cup of coffee ($5 gift card to Starbucks) or to go in together as a staff or a class for an Amazon gift card. See this huge list of gift cards your principal will love!

Buy it: Amazon Gift Card at Amazon; Printable Amazon Gift Card Holder at Etsy

A heartfelt thank-you card

Awesome principal thank you card thank you card with greenery

Most of the hard work a principal does goes on behind the scenes and is unnoticed. Simply saying thank you means a lot. Consider writing a thank-you note to your principal. These adorable cards are available for digital download, making this task quick and easy. You can find so many options, including holiday-themed thank-you cards. 

Buy it: Awesome Principal Card at Etsy; Thank-You Card With Greenery at Etsy

Personalized watercolor school map artwork

Framed print of map of a school as an example of the best principal gifts

Looking for personalized gifts for a principal? Perfect for decorating their office, this customizable wall art includes a watercolor map of the area surrounding your school. You can even customize the color. Just add a frame, and it’s ready to hang.

Buy it: Personalized Watercolor School Map Artwork at Etsy; White 8 x 10 Picture Frame at Amazon

A cozy office pillow

reminder to be awesome pillow

Get something to match their office, or pick out a pillow with a fun quote!

Buy it: Awesome Reminder Pillow at Amazon

A humorous calendar

Dog dressed as cactus on a funny dog calendar

Brighten up their new year with a calendar that’ll give them a good chuckle.

Buy it: Funny Dogs Calendar at Amazon

Personalized notepad

Crayon personalized note paper pencil personalized note paper - principal gift ideas

A gift they are sure to use, a personalized notepad is so cute! Everyone will know who their note is from if they need to drop off a quick message.

Buy it: Crayon Notepad at Etsy; Pencil Notepad at Etsy

Monogrammed Pen

Monogrammed silver pen in a gift box.

Every great leader deserves a sophisticated pen. This one can be engraved with your principal’s name.

Buy it: Personalized Parker Jotter Pen at Etsy

A fun T-shirt

principal limited edition tshirt- principal gifts principal of all things tshirt

Principals can wear these on spirit days, during assemblies, or under their suits like Superman!

Buy it: Principal Limited Edition Shirt at Amazon; Principal of All Things Shirt at Amazon

Desk charging station

wooden desk charging station

Charging cords for a phone, tablet, watch, headphones, and more can easily become a mess. This desktop organizer is so helpful and convenient.

Buy it: Desk Charging Station at Amazon

Kindle case

Three kindle cases in assorted colors

Is your principal an avid reader? How about a new case for their Kindle? This one has a stylish fabric cover and comes in assorted colors.

Buy it: Fabric Kindle Case at Amazon

Leather-corner bookmark

Leather corner bookmark on an open book.

If your principal prefers hard-copy books over digital, this leather-corner bookmark is a unique gift. You can even personalize the color and wording.

Buy it: Leather Personalized Bookmark at Etsy

Coffee accessories

takeya cold brew makerVOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer (Coffee Station Ideas)

Access to coffee in school is essential to so many principals. Help them truly enjoy their next cup with fun accessories. This cold-brew maker is compact enough to put in a mini fridge, and it’s so easy to use and clean. For those who prefer hot coffee, this warmer will keep it hot all day! Check out our list of school coffee makers and accessories for more ideas.

Buy it: Takeya Cold Brew Maker at Amazon; VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer at Amazon

A fancy water bottle

Black and white principal nutrition facts water bottle and lids

Staying hydrated is so important! A nice water bottle with fancy features like a filter, steel insulation, or fruit infusion is a nice gesture. Check out our list of all the best water bottles!

Buy it: Principal Nutrition Facts Water Bottle at Etsy

Desktop games

desktop bowling game - principal giftdesktop basketball game - principal gift

Not that any principal has the time to play one of these games, but it’s nice to have them in the office for a brief sanity break, talking point for others who drop in, or as a way for kids to kill time if they’re waiting.

Buy it: Desktop Bowling Game at Amazon; Desktop Basketball Game at Target

Personalized photo crystal paperweight

Photo crystal paperweight with children sitting on a swing.

Here’s another desk accessory for hardworking principals. You can upload a photo to customize this crystal paperweight. Some photo ideas include the front of your school, a group photo of your principal with other staff members, or the principal’s family.

Buy it: Personalized Photo Crystal Paperweight at Amazon

A snack basket

healthy snack variety pack - principal gifts

No one wants a hangry principal running the show. This box of good-for-you snacks is a great gift to replenish that snack stash with plenty of options.

Buy it: Variety Pack of Snacks at Amazon

Screen-cleaning set

computer screen cleaning setgel dust cleaner - principal gift

Yes, it’s a practical principal gift idea, but it will get used. Every principal has a computer and probably a smartphone, and it’s nice to have a streak-free way to keep them clean. A gel dust cleaner is also a great way to get stubborn keyboard crevices clean, and it’s so fun to use.

Buy it: Computer Screen-Cleaning Set at Amazon; Gel Dust Cleaner at Amazon

Monogrammed Door Stopper

Geometric blue door stopper that says Kitchen

There are times a principal needs privacy in their office, but for the times they want to stay connected to the rest of the school, this personalized door stopper can help. Choose your color, and monogram it with your school name or the word “principal.”

Buy it: Monogrammed Door Stopper at Etsy

New shades

Black sunglasses

Whether they’re looking forward to sunny breaks or simply shielding their eyes while on bus monitor duty, your principal will be thankful for a stylish pair of shades like these from WearMe Pro.

Buy it: Drew Polarized Round Sunglasses at WMP Eyewear

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Buying for the big boss is always hard, but we love these fun and easy principal gifts, recommended by classroom teachers.