30 Adorable Preschool Graduation Ideas for the Littlest Learners

Commence the fun!

Examples of preschool graduation ideas including edible diplomas made from HoHos and a graduation photo booth with props.

Preschool graduation is a special occasion, and there are plenty of ways to make the day memorable, from crafts to treats to fun activities. You can have your student show off their hard work to their friends and families through an art gallery setup for viewing that day. Activities like a bubble dance party or a photo booth are also fun ways to celebrate. You can even gift your students with a little something extra special so they always remember their preschool experience. We have plenty of preschool graduation ideas on our list that will be sure to make the day unforgettable!

Preschool Graduation Treats

1. Chocolate Graduation Hat

Some preschool graduation ideas are edible like this graduation hat made from chocholate candies.

What’s even better than a graduation cap at your preschool commencement ceremony? How about this oh-so adorable chocolate hat? This particular version uses a Reese’s cup as the base, a chocolate square as the top, and an M&M and Twizzlers Pull ’n’ Peel as the tassel. Be sure to check for allergies and make any adjustments to the ingredients before doing this cute project with your littles.

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2. A Healthy Graduation Cap

Two fruit cups are stacked on top of each other and have googly eyes and little faces drawn on them. A black piece of paper and tassel complete the edible graduation cap.

While the chocolate graduation cap is fun too, this version is just a little bit healthier. We also love that kids can personalize their cups with a silly face.

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3. Edible Diplomas


Preschool graduation ideas include chocholate treats wrapped with red ribbon to look like diplomas.

This idea is so simple but so adorable. Grab a few boxes of Ho Hos and wrap some red ribbon around them to create these yummy diplomas.

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4. Gumball Graduates

Clear containers have black gumballs inside them with little graduation caps on the top.

Buy some plastic containers like these and fill them with candy of your choice. Top them off with a cute little graduation cap and hand them out to your favorite tiny graduates!

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5. Gnome Treat Bags

Three treat bags say Congrats Grad and are filled with bright colored candies.

Since these treat bag toppers are an instant download, they can be made in a pinch. Grab some plastic bags, your favorite candies, and a stapler, then get to work making something special for preschool graduation.

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6. Lollipop Toppers

Preschool graduation ideas can include treats like these blowpops with little graduation caps on them.

This idea is equally effective as a craft and a treat! Before doing this craft, you will need to collect as many black bottle caps as you can get your hands on. Then, buy some Blow Pops or Tootsie Pops in bulk. Finally, assemble your little graduation caps and glue them on the pops.

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Preschool Graduation Songs

7. Thank You

This is the perfect song for a preschool graduation since it is simple to learn with poignant lyrics. Family members will enjoy the shout-out to them too!

8. We’re Moving Up to Kindergarten

Is there a better song for preschool graduation than one about moving onto kindergarten? With repetitive lyrics, your students will surely learn this fun song very quickly.

9. From My Heart to Your Heart

If you’re a musically inclined teacher, this might just be the perfect performance for your class since you’ll likely want an adult to lead the kids.

10. On My Way

With lyrics like “I’m proud of me and all I can be!” we think this is a perfectly positive graduation song for your preschoolers. We especially love that there is a dance break built into the song to give your kiddos the opportunity to really express themselves.

Preschool Graduation Crafts

11. A Personalized Graduate Keepsake

A little girl from the neck down is shown holding a graduate she made from construction paper, etc.

This is the kind of craft that parents will want to hold onto for the next 30 or so years. Kids will have fun personalizing their graduates while thinking about what they want to be in the future.

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12. A Graduation Day Certificate

A certificate has a child's handprint on it and says It's Graduation Day!

Download a printable like this one or make your own and then have your students fill out an “all about me” interview. Finally, put ink on their hand and have them leave their mark!

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13. Graduation Day Paperweight

A rock is painted yellow and has a construction paper graduation cap and feet. It also has googly eyes.

Go on a nature walk with your littles so they can pick their own rock to use. Once they have their rock, have them paint it a color of their choosing. Kids can also draw a face on it with a Sharpie or glue on some googly eyes. Help your students make the feet and graduation cap or assemble them yourself while they work on their rocks.

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14. A Graduation Owl

Preschool graduation ideas include crafts like this one that include a blue circle with two handprints coming off the sides that are supposed to be the owl's arms. It has a face and a graduation cap on.

This owl craft is so sweet and perfect as a preschool graduation keepsake. We especially love any project that incorporates those tiny handprints that parents will be sure to look back on years from now.

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15. Homemade Graduation Cap

A small child is seen wearing a homemade graduation cap made from yarn, beads, and a paper bowl.

Preschool graduation ideas should include something for the graduates to wear too! Your students will enjoy creating these graduation caps to wear during their big day. You’ll need some paper bowls, card stock, buttons, beads, yarn or string, and elastic.

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16. Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Craft

Preschool graduation ideas include cute crafts like this hot air balloon on blue paper. A photo of the student is inside the hot air balloon.

Since Dr. Suess’ Oh, the Places You’ll Go! is synonymous with graduations, it makes sense to base a preschool graduation craft around the beloved story. Read the story to your students, then get to work re-creating this adorable scene complete with a photo of your graduates!

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17. Paper Plate Emoji Graduate

A paper plate is painted yellow with a face on it. It's wearing a graduation cap.

We think this simple craft will be a big hit with your preschoolers since kids love emojis!

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18. A Little Graduate

A graduate wearing a red cap and robe is made from construction paper and crayons.

This craft is a perfect excuse to make something adorable while showcasing those cutting skills students have been working so hard on all year. Kids will have fun trying to make their paper graduate look just how they’ll look on their special day!

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19. Popsicle Stick Gnome Graduate

Two little gnomes are made from popsicle sticks and a printable. They look like little graduates.

What kind of craft roundup would be complete without including something using Popsicle sticks? These adorable little gnome graduates can be made using just some basic art supplies and this free printable. Preschool graduation ideas that include skills learned during the year are some of the best. Have your students practice tracing and cutting their hands out so they can use them as their little gnome’s beard.

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20. Ice Cream–Themed Class Project

Preschool graduation ideas can include the whole class like this ice cream project. Circles of scrap paper are laid out in the top picture to be the scoops of the ice cream. The bottom left picture has a poem about how each person in the class is unique like scoops of ice cream. The bottom right shows the completed ice cream cone.

Preschool graduation ideas that include the whole class are a perfect way to celebrate togetherness. Have each kid cut out their scoop from various scraps of paper then assemble them into the completed project. We especially love the sweet message in the poem.

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Preschool Graduation Gifts

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21. I Wish You More

A blue book cover has a cartoon boy from the back and the title says I Wish You More

This book has a sweet message filled with endless good wishes that is perfect for any graduating preschooler. Children and caregivers alike will cherish it for years to come.

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22. Preschool Autograph Book

Preschool graduation ideas can include gifts like this brightly covered book cover that says My Preschool Autograph Book.

Kids will have so much fun signing each other’s autograph book! Teachers will like this gift idea since it reinforces students writing their names—an important preschool skill.

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23. Rubber Duckies

A bunch of black and yellow rubber ducks say grad on them.

Since little kids love a good bath toy, these rubber ducks will be sure to delight. They are a great gift to buy in bulk since they are so affordable.

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24. Graduation Stole

A blue gradutation robe is shown with a white stole with rainbow letters that say Preschool Graduate.

Preschoolers will be excited to be gifted this stole to wear on their big day. We especially love the cute photo opportunity this will make when coupled with their graduation robe and cap.

Buy it: Preschool Graduation Stole at Amazon

25. A Photo Frame

A black photo frame says My First Graduation 2023.

This picture frame is the perfect way to commemorate your favorite graduates’ special day. We especially love the kid-friendly design—it will be sure to make them smile.

Buy it: My First Graduation Frame at Amazon

26. Buckets of Fun

Two plastic pails are filled with goodies like sunglasses and have a tag attached that reads this year has been buckets of fun.

Since preschool graduation is usually right before the summer months, we think these adorable buckets full of fun are a great gift idea for your little graduates. Fill them with whatever goodies you think your students will enjoy.

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Preschool Graduation Activities

27. Photo Booth

Preschool graduation ideas include acvitities like a photo booth with props like the ones pictured (bow tie, glasses, etc.) and a large fram that says Preschool Graduate

Who doesn’t love a good photo booth? Make or buy a large frame and props so kids can really get into their photo shoot with their besties.

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28. An Art Show

Multiple student artworks are hanging from curtain rods and curtain rings attached to those rods. There are three rows of pictures.

Since kids have been working on their artwork all year long, why not showcase it during preschool graduation? Kids will definitely be excited to show off their work to their friends and families.

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29. Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Outdoor Party

Preschool graduation ideas include party themes like this Dr. Suess one. A toy globe, a green picture frame, and three large A, B, C letters are shown.

There’s nothing better than a theme party, so why not have one for your preschool graduation? Dr. Suess’ Oh, the Places You’ll Go! provides plenty of inspiration.

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30. Bubble Party

Is there anything kids love more than bubbles and dancing? Combine the two for your preschool graduation and really get the party started!

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Graduating from preschool is a momentous occasion and should be celebrated! Check out our list of preschool graduation ideas.