25 Colorful and Cool Paint Chip Crafts and Learning Activities

So many clever ideas!

Paint Chip Crafts

Paint sample strips are one of those single-use items that we all feel a little bad about throwing away when we’re done. Fortunately, there are tons of cool paint chip crafts and learning activities you can use them for! Whether you’re feeling creative or looking to work on math or reading skills, these ideas are right up your alley.

Bonus Tip: If you feel bad about taking too many chips from your local hardware store, ask them to let you know when they have old ones with outdated colors they might be willing to give you!

1. Sort and match colors

Paint Chip Crafts Walking By The Way

This idea is perfect for little ones learning their colors. Cut apart strips of different shades, then have kids sort them. This makes a perfect busy bag.

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2. Fill in the numbers

Help students learning to count with this simple idea. Label paint chips with numbers, leaving a few out. Then, kids fill in the missing numbers. (Laminate the strips so they can be re-used with dry-erase markers.)


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3. Play tic-tac-toe

Take tic-tac-toe on the go with this color-matching version. Kids try to find items of each color to win the game.

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4. Play with paint chip animals

Paint Chip Crafts Handmade Charlotte

These adorable paint chip crafts are sure to be a big hit with animal lovers! This idea is terrific for kids who love imaginary play.

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5. Spin the synonym wheel

Paint Chip Crafts Small World

Comparing shades of color to shades of meaning is a fantastic way to help students understand synonyms. Kids really enjoy this activity, and it works wonders for their word choices in writing.

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6. Lay out word families

Longer paint chip strips are terrific for making lists of word families and rhyming words. 

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7. Make pretty paper balls

Paint Chip Crafts The Spotted Olive

These brilliant balls are surprisingly easy to make, using just paint chips and decorative brads. Dangle them from your classroom ceiling, or toss them gently during active learning activities.

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8. Work on CVC words

We love these clever sliders for working on the oh-so-important CVC words. Many paint chip sheets have open squares already cut out, making them ideal for this project.

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9. Make paint chip mosaics

Paint Chip Crafts Chica and Jo

Play around with color and generate amazing designs with these easy paint chip crafts. The possibilities are endless!

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10. Craft simple bookmarks

A decorative hole punch and some ribbon are all you need to turn paint chips into lovely little bookmarks!

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11. Dress up seasonal bookmarks

Paint Chip Crafts Castellons Kitchen

Take your bookmarks a step further by adding seasonal trees to match the color palette. We love the creative potential of these paint chip crafts!

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12. Map the zones of the ocean

Paint Chip Crafts A Little Pinch of Perfect

Grab a stack of blue shaded chips and get ready to learn the zones of the ocean! Kids can use stickers or draw the appropriate sea creatures for each level.

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13. Check for understanding

This is such an easy and effective way to monitor student understanding and progress when they’re working independently. If they flip the color to green, they’re doing fine. Yellow means they might need a little help, while red means the student could use some immediate attention. Brilliant!

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14. Build a paint chip city

Who wouldn’t want to live in these colorful rainbow-hued high-rises? Match them with pastel-shaded skies for unique paint chip crafts worth displaying in the classroom or at home.

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15. Slide and learn place value

These vibrant sliders help kids understand that while the values change, the place names themselves stay the same. Use longer strips for additional place values and add dots for decimals.

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16. Try another take on place value

Paint Chip Crafts Giraffic Jam Pinterest

Here’s another way to use paint chips to talk about place value. This really helps students see how numbers break down into their constituent parts.

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17. Create colorful calendars

These dry erase calendars are one of our favorite paint chip crafts! Simply paste strips into place, then frame with a glass-fronted picture frame. Each month, wipe it clean and write in new numbers and the month name. So simple!

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18. Learn chronological sequencing

Paint Chip Crafts Little Miss Glamour

Have students use paint chips for cues as they practice putting items into chronological order. This is a fun exercise to work on writing out instructions, too.

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19. Understand music signatures and concepts

Music teachers, this one’s for you! Write music note patterns and have kids match them to the appropriate time signatures.

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20. Recognize Greek and Latin roots

Paint Chip Crafts Laugh Play Read

Knowing Greek and Latin roots can help kids master vocabulary words more quickly. Paint chips tie the related words together visually.

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21. Explore the Zones of Regulation

Working on self-regulation and emotional control? Use the color-coded Zones of Regulation to make things clearer for your students.

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22. Identify character traits and beginning, middle, end

Break out a stack of three-shade paint chips for these literacy activities involving character traits and beginning-middle-end.

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23. Hang a cheery springtime wreath

How sweet is this bunny and egg wreath? It’s the perfect decoration for your springtime classroom.

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24. Display paint chip holiday trees

Whether you choose traditional colors or a more unique palette, these easy-to-make tree cards are a fun holiday season paint chip craft for your kids.

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25. Be thankful with a paint chip turkey

Turn paint chips into turkey tails! Write something you’re thankful for on each one, then attach them to the turkey body with a small brad fastener.

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25 Colorful and Cool Paint Chip Crafts and Learning Activities