25 Brilliant Rainbow Crafts and Activities

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet…

Rainbow Crafts

Whether you want to send a hopeful message, express your Pride, or just love brilliant colors, these rainbow crafts and activities are sure to lead to a pot of gold!

1. Post a message of hope.

Rainbow message of hope

This window of multi-colored hearts can’t help but lift the spirits! Make it from card stock using the patterns available at the link (both for a die-cut machine or to cut by hand).

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2. Grow a crystal rainbow.

Rainbow grown from cyrstals -- Rainbow Crafts

Rainbow crafts like this one combine art and science—STEAM in action! Use colorful pipe cleaners to grow crystals in a supersaturated solution. Hit the link for the how-to.

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3. Let the sun shine in.


Tissue paper window rainbow craft

Tissue paper is the key to this pretty window decor. Kids get fine motor practice cutting the little pieces and laying them out on the rainbow shape. Clear contact paper helps this rainbow craft come together in a snap!

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4. Mix up some colorful slime.

Rainbow slime!

What kid doesn’t love to play with slime? Mix up a batch in vivid colors for extra special playtime fun. Get the recipe at the link.

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5. Make easy paper strip rainbows.

Paper strip rainbows

This is easily one of the simplest of rainbow crafts: just cut paper strips and staple them together, then add some cotton for clouds. Voilà!

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6. Paint number bond rainbows.

Paint number bond rainbows

Sneak a little math practice into your day with this rainbow activity. Paint the color arcs to match up the number bonds on these free printable worksheets.

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7. Spin a vibrant twirligig.

Twirligig rainbow crafts

Rainbow crafts that double as toys give you double the fun! These pretty paper spinners are surprisingly easy to make, too.

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8. Layer a multicolored density jar.

Density jar with rainbow colors

We’re sneaking in some more science! Layer a rainbow jar by using liquids with different densities, dyed with food coloring.

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9. Turn rope into a rainbow.

Rainbow rope

How cool would this look hanging on your classroom wall? It takes a little time, but it’s as simple as wrapping yarn around some rope.

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10. String dyed macaroni.

Rainbow Crafts

These dyed macaroni are so pretty, people won’t even realize they’re pasta until they look close! A cotton ball cloud brings this rainbow craft to life.

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11. Weave a rainbow fish.

Rainbow fish craft

Imagine a school of these vivid fishies swimming down the school hallways! Rainbow crafts like this encourage creativity and fine motor skill practice.

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12. Fold a chromatic garland.

Garland rainbow

Mesmerizing and incredibly fascinating to play with, this paper garland is equal parts home decor and toy. Learn how to fold your own at the link.

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13. Print with potato stamps.

Potato stamps for a rainbow craft

Turn a potato into a stamp! Older kids can carve the stamps themselves with supervision; for little ones, carve them in advance and let them stamp beautiful rainbows to their heart’s content.

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14. Experiment with a walking rainbow.

Rainbow Crafts

All you need are water, paper towels, and food coloring to try this quick science experiment demonstrating capillary action. Kids will be amazed by the results!

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15. Decorate with prismatic hearts.

Prismatic hearts rainbow

These faux stained glass hearts are such a lovely way to brighten up your windows and send a message of love, hope, and happiness out into the world.

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16. Wrap a string art rainbow.

String art rainbow crafts

String art has become hip again, and this rainbow craft just might be the one that convinces you to give it a try! A board, hammer and nails, and embroidery thread are all you need.

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17. Paint with a sponge.

Sponge art rainbows

Rainbow crafts don’t get much more basic than colorful paint on a sponge, but kids are sure to enjoy creating splashy patterns and vivid pictures.

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18. Spin pretty pinwheels.

Rainbow Crafts

It’s hard to resist the allure of a spinning pinwheel. Learn how to make your own with the DIY at the link.

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19. Wave a magic wand.

Magic wand for rainbows

One wave of these rainbow wands and your day is sure to be a little sweeter! The shiny stars and cheerful hues will bring a smile to any face.

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20. Craft a woven rainbow.

Woven craft rainbow

Weaving projects are a great way to build hand-eye coordination. We love the results of this woven rainbow on a blue-sky loom.

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21. Stitch a garland of hearts.

Rainbow Crafts garland of hearts

Practice your needle skills by stitching up these vibrant felt hearts. Not up to sewing? Make them with fabric glue instead.

Learn more: Momtastic

22. Dye coffee filters with markers.

Rainbow Crafts

The effect of markers and water on these coffee filters will remind you of tie-dye, but it’s a lot less messy. Plus, how cute are those happy clouds?

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23. Surprise them with a rainbow.

Rainbow Crafts

Little ones will be absolutely amazed when they drop water on paper towels and a rainbow appears! The same capillary action that made the water “walk” in the experiment above is responsible for this super surprise.

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24. Hang a rainbow heart chain.

Rainbow chain hearts

Give paper chains a little something extra by creating hearts instead. These garlands will enliven even the dullest room!

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25. Find the pot of gold.

Pot of gold craft

With all these rainbow crafts, you knew there had to be a pot of gold somewhere! It’s here, at the end of this spiral rainbow twirler made from a paper plate.

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25 Brilliant Rainbow Crafts and Activities