30 Easy Ornament Crafts for Kids That Parents Will Love to Display

Do you wanna build a snowman ornament?

Ornament Crafts for Kids

The best ornament crafts for kids are simple to make but still worth displaying proudly at home. We’ve rounded up plenty of ornament craft ideas to try in your classroom in those last crazy days before winter break. Have fun getting crafty!

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1. Make a button snowflake.

Ornament Crafts for Kids

All you need for this ornament craft for kids is a box of craft sticks and a big bag of buttons, plus a little glue. So simple!

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2. Wrap yarn to make pretty ornament crafts.

Ornament Crafts for Kids

Kids might get a little messy with this one, but the results are so cool! You’ll need pins, yarn, glue, and a styrofoam surface to work on.

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3. Turn thumbtacks into something spectacular.

Ornament Crafts for Kids

Older kids will be intrigued by the patterns they can make with thumbtacks on a foam ball. Large foam balls need about 150 thumbtacks each, so use smaller balls to make this cost-appropriate with larger classes. Try using thumbtacks in silver, gold, or multiple bright colors.

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4. Bring a little springtime in.

There are so many things you can do with fillable ornaments. We love this idea for filling them with artificial flowers, which make a lovely decoration all year round.

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5. Build a craft stick snowman.

Ornament Crafts for Kids

Wood craft sticks can be used for so many ornament crafts for kids. You’ll need googly eyes for this one, which kids will love!

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6. Preserve a hand print in salt dough.

Salt dough ornament crafts for kids are perennial favorites. The dough costs almost nothing to make, and the options for designs are endless. This hand print ornament is a classic, dressed up a bit with glitter—if you’re feeling brave!

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7. Use wood slices to make snowmen.

Ornament Crafts for Kids

Wood slices are great for crafting. If you’ve got easy access to some branches and a saw, you can make your own. Otherwise, pick up a pack of assorted sizes to make these rustic snowmen.

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8. Assemble adorable yarn hats.

You won’t believe how easy these cute hats are to make, even for little fingers. And all you need is yarn, cardboard, and scissors!

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9. String a button wreath.

Ornament Crafts for Kids

Pipe cleaners + buttons = easy ornament crafts for kids! Raid your own button collection, buy a big bag of them, or get this ready-to-go button wreath ornament kit.

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10. Melt beads to create stained glass ornaments.

If you’ve got access to an oven (a toaster oven will do perfectly), these ornaments are really simple to make. You just need cookie cutters and lots of pony beads.

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11. Assemble mini snow globe ornament crafts.

Ornament Crafts for Kids

Pick up a pack of plastic shot glasses at the dollar store (or buy them here) and use them to create pretty little winter scenes.

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12. Bend pipe cleaners into snowflakes.

Ornament Crafts for Kids

This super simple idea is extra fun if you use iridescent pipe cleaners in white or silver.

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13. Capture their silhouettes.

Freeze their profile for a moment in time with these silhouette ornament crafts for kids using shrink film

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14. Paint hand print snowmen.

First, have kids press their hand prints (no thumb) onto mini canvases and let them dry. Then, turn the fingerprints into little snowmen!

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15. Fill a ball with pom poms.

Ornament Crafts for Kids

Here’s another simple way to use fillable ornaments—stuff them with pom poms! This is an excellent ornament craft for little ones.

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16. Put together gumball machine ornaments.

These are such a cute blast from the past! You could also just add the mini flower pots to the pom pom idea above.

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17. Frame a photo with macaroni.

Ornament Crafts for Kids

Crafts using dried pasta are a rite of passage, don’t you think? This sweet idea frames a photo for parents as a keepsake.

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18. Recycle an egg carton into a snowman.

We love recycled crafts, so we’re definitely adding this clever snowman ornament to our list!

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19. Write personalized ornament crafts.

Ornament Crafts for Kids

These simply sweet shrink film ornaments show off your students’ writing skills and memorialize them forever!

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20. Try poured paint ornament crafts.

Ornament Crafts for Kids

Here’s a bright idea for those fillable ornaments! Pour in craft paint, swirl, and pour out the excess. Done!

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21. Frost a cupcake ornament.

Ornament Crafts for Kids Almost Supermom

The “frosting” on these cupcakes is actually felt circles pushed into foam balls. How clever!

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22. Pin sequins to a foam ball.

Ornament Crafts for Kids

This is similar to the idea using thumbtacks above, but for this ornament craft you use pins and sequins. 

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23. Punch snowflakes to make an ornament.

Use a snowflake paper punch (or let your Cricut do the work for you) and then pin them to balls with sequins for color.

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24. Put together pine cone penguins.

Take a nature walk to pick up pine cones, then turn them into these irresistible penguins!

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25. Scratch off colorful snowmen.

When you just need a quick activity on those last days before winter break, break out these Snowmen Scratch Art Ornaments. Kids use the included wooden stylus to reveal vivid color as they scratch. You can also get packs of trees and reindeer.

26. Bend and bead letter ornament crafts.

Little fingers can do this with pipe cleaners, but older kids can use heavy gauge wire and pliers to make these pretty initials.

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27. Grow your own crystal ornaments.

Sneak a little science into your ornament crafts by growing crystals on objects found in nature (pinecones, fir branches, etc.). They’ll learn about supersaturated solutions while making something beautiful.

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28. Measure their height in a ribbon keepsake.

Measure off a length of ribbon for each child showing how tall they are. Then hit the link for the free printable tag that reads, “This ribbon is very special indeed, because it’s the same exact size as me!”

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29. Glue together a snowman hat.

Every snowman needs a hat! This one is super simple to make, too.

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30. Tie up a mason jar lid wreath.

Ornament Crafts for Kids

Tie fabric scraps around mason jar lid rings for unique and pretty ornaments.

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30 Easy Ornament Crafts for Kids That Parents Will Love to Display