20 One-Pager Examples, Plus Advice for Using Them With Your Students

A single page of notes can be a real game-changer.

Collage of One-Pager Examples

One-pagers and Sketchnotes have become incredibly popular in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Rather than just jotting down words on a page, students use one-pagers to visually represent key points and takeaways. They’re fun to create and have a real impact on memory and comprehension. Here’s how to use them, plus lots of terrific one-pager examples to inspire you and your students.

What Are One-Pagers?

The Hunger Games one-pager with illustrations and text

Source: Chomping at the Lit

One-pagers invite students to think deeply about a text and produce a single page to represent its most important aspects. They usually include some images, doodles, or other graphic elements, giving them the alternate name Sketchnotes. One-pagers are often full of color and may include more images than words, depending on the student. They’re most commonly used in ELA classrooms but can be helpful in other subjects too.

This note-taking concept was pioneered by AVID, a group that seeks to prepare all students for college. As one-pagers caught on, teachers found that students who used one-pagers made a deeper connection to the text and had better retention of key concepts. AVID’s guidelines encourage students to share their one-pagers with one another, helping to inspire learning in a variety of visual ways.

How To Get Started With One-Pagers

One pager examples using a variety of templates

Source: Spark Creativity


One problem teachers face when encouraging kids to use one-pagers is that some students don’t feel “artistic” enough. They may also not know where to start. When teaching kids to use Sketchnote one-pagers, provide more direction at first. Start by showing kids one-pager examples (see below). Ask what they notice about these Sketchnotes. Some characteristics they might note:

  • The information and images fill the whole page.
  • They’re colorful and full of illustrations.
  • The illustrations don’t need to be expert, they just help emphasize a connection.
  • Words are carefully chosen to highlight key concepts.

Some kids will take the idea and run with it right off the bat. Others will need a little more help. In this case, offering one-pager templates like these from Spark Creativity can really help.

You can also share these specific directions from AVID, which provide guidance on what to include on each page. Giving students a clear list of what to cover will increase confidence and free them up to be creative. For example, in English Language Arts, you might ask students to:

  • Sketch one visual symbol that represents the text’s main theme.
  • Write out two quotations that show the author’s style.
  • Include a sketch and a sentence representing the setting.
  • Make connections between the text and current events using sketches and text.
  • Examine one or two main characters and their development.
  • Identify three symbols through sketches or text.
  • Include a statement about one thing they connected with in the reading.

One-Pager Examples and Ideas

Here are some outstanding one-pager examples on a variety of texts and topics. Note the incredible array of styles, which you can use to remind kids that there’s no one right way to use Sketchnotes. Encourage them to be creative!

Simple DNA One-Pager

Simple one-pager sketchnotes for DNA, with illustrations of terms like helicase, primase, and ligase (One-Pager Examples)

Source: @sciencelessonsthatrock

We like this one-pager example because it shows students that you don’t need to be an expert artist to create something meaningful.

Poetry One-Pager

One-pager of notes for the Wordsworth poem I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud, with illustrations of daffodils and notes about personification and memory

Source: @prestoplans

Here’s an example of how a template can provide students with strong guidance to get them started. This one-pager has more words than illustrations, but it’s still colorful and engaging.

Digital One-Pager

Digital one-pager on the importance of setting in The Uprising, with digital images and text (One-Pager Examples)

Source: @readitwriteitlearnit

One-pagers can go digital too! Try a whiteboard tool like Jamboard to make the process easy.

The Outsiders One-Pagers

Digital one-pager for The Outsiders with clip art and text (One-Pager Examples)

Source: @wonderingwithmrswatto, The Outsiders

The Outsiders one-pager with hand-written notes added to a clip-art template

Source: @wonderingwithmrswatto, Digital The Outsiders

Take a look at these two different one-pager examples, one handwritten and one digital—and both effective!

Symbols One-Pager

Symbols one-pagers with drawings of symbols from texts and handwritten descriptions

Source: @studyallknight

Here’s another terrific way to use a template. Students can sketch the symbol, then add in handwritten notes for more info.

Beowulf One-Pager

Beowulf one-pager with illustration of man fighting a dragon (One-Pager Examples)

Source: @gretazefo

This note-taking option really gives artistic students a chance to shine! Just make sure they add enough information (graphic or text) to help them make connections with what they’ve read.

The Great Gatsby One-Pager

The Great Gatsby one-pager with illustrations of major characters and quotes (One-Pager Examples)

Source: @mrsreganreads

Sketching characters from books can bring them to life for readers. Highlight a few quotes that truly express their personalities.

Power Profiles One-Pager

A variety of colorful Power Profiles one-pagers

Source: @laumom

Students can use one-pagers to demonstrate what they know. They make interesting alternatives to essays or book reports.

Because of Winn-Dixie One-Pagers

A bulletin board of one-pagers on Because of Winn-Dixie all using the same basic template (One-Pager Examples)

Source: @enrichingelementary

Note that although each student used the same basic template (hand-drawn too, so don’t worry about making copies!), they each created something different and meaningful to themselves.

Fahrenheit 451 One-Pager

Fahrenheit 451 one-pager with basic illustrations (One-Pagers Examples)

Source: @mudandinkteaching

Encourage students to add at least some images to their Sketchnotes, even if they’re as simple as stick figures or outlines. This engages different parts of the brain than just writing words does, and it deepens recall.

Letter From Birmingham Jail One-Pager

Letter from a Birmingham Jail one-pager with illustrations and handwritten text (One-Pager Examples)

Source: @thehodgenator

Even when writing text, try to use a variety of colors and styles for emphasis. Just shading a background can draw the eye to something important.

Geography One-Pager

One-pager comparing the geography of India and China

Source: @wmscl4

One-pagers are terrific for comparing and contrasting information, like this one comparing how geography affects the lives of people in China and India.

The Running Dream One-Pager

The Running Dream one-pager with a word cloud and illustrations (One-Pager Examples)

Source: @mayor_james

We love the idea of adding a word cloud to a one-pager! If you’re making a digital version, try these word cloud generators.

Intro One-Pager

One-pager introducing a person, with interesting facts, hobbies, and more (One-Pager Examples)

Source: @nowsparkcreativity

One-pagers are such a fun way to do a getting-to-know-you activity on the first day of class.

Frayer Model Vocab One-Pager

Vocab one pager using the Frayer model for the word "Engineer"

Source: @missjackiesroom

The Frayer model graphic organizer is a terrific lead-in to more creative one-pagers, and a nice way to get students more comfortable with the format.

Inaugural Address One-Pager

A one-pager analyzing Barack Obama's 2008 Inaugural Address

Source: @mrsprzbooks

The main image choice can set the tone for an entire one-pager analysis.

USA One-Pager

United States of America one-pager graphic organizer with images, dates, and more

Source: Teach With Tina

Don’t be afraid to try one-pagers in any class, for any topic!

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20 One-Pager Examples, Plus Advice for Using Them With Your Students