Pixie Pants and 7 More Old Navy Teacher Favorites For A Budget-Friendly Wardrobe

Affordable fashion that fits a teacher budget? Yes, please!

Collage of sweaters, leggings, face masks, and tees - Old Navy Teacher Favorites

Old Navy is well-known for fashionable choices that don’t cost a fortune. Plus, they carry a wide range of sizes to fit pretty much any body type. On our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE Facebook group, Old Navy’s Pixie pants frequently come up when teachers talk about wardrobe staples. We asked what some of their other recommendations are, and put together this list of Old Navy teacher favorites. There’s something here for everyone!

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1. Pixie Pants

Selection of slim-legged pants in solids and patterns

Pixie Pants come in a full array of colors, patterns, and styles, and teachers report they’re both comfortable and professional-looking. The original hits just above the ankles, but they’ve expanded to full-length options too. And like many Old Navy teacher favorites, Pixie Pants are available in Women’s, Women’s Plus, and Maternity sizes, with regular, petite, and tall options.

2. Jersey Knit Dresses

Women wearing various styles of jersey knit dresses - Old Navy Teacher Favorites

Teachers love Old Navy’s jersey knit dresses, which Kilee W. describes as “soft and movable.” Tabby M. notes that they can shrink a little in the wash, so be sure to air dry rather than putting them in the dryer. Swing dresses are terrific for comfort, while midi-length dresses provide a little more coverage for teachers who spend half their day on the floor with little ones.

3. Face Masks

Cotton pleated face masks in pink solids and patterns

With at least a few more months of face masks on the horizon for us all, it’s good to know that Old Navy’s masks are out there. The adjustable ear loops mean they work for just about any face shape, and the color and pattern selection is phenomenal. Plus, they’re super-affordable, so you can stock up and not need to wash masks every single day. Check out their face mask offerings here.

4. Knit Sweaters

Black and white sweater, brown cowl-neck sweater, green shawl-collar sweater, blue and white sweater - Old Navy Teacher Favorites

Emma T. is a big fan of Old Navy’s knit sweaters. “They last forever if you don’t put them in the dryer!” she notes. We love the Fair Isle tunics, textured cowl-necks, and slouchy stripes this season. Their men’s selection is great too, and this shawl-collar sweater is a classic choice.

5. Stevie Pants


Slim-fit and bootcut knit pants in several colors and patterns

After Pixie Pants, these are the top Old Navy teacher recommendation. Stevie pants offer the comfort of leggings in a polished fabric that’s perfect for work. Julie R. raves, “I love the Stevie pants! Look professional, but leggings fit! Also since I’m super petite, they are easy to wear at my height.” Lindsay D. likes their versatility. “Stevie pants are a Ponte knit so they are perfect to be worn with boots.” They come in Women’s, Women’s Plus, and Maternity sizes. 

6. Luxe Tees

Short sleeve black tee, green tank top, and brown long-sleeve tee - Old Navy Teacher Favorites

Luxe tees are perennial Old Navy teacher favorites. The super-soft fabric drapes beautifully, and the tunic-length tees pair nicely with jeans or leggings. The sleeveless tees are perfect under cardigans or jackets too.  

7. Rockstar Jeggings

Pull On Denim Jeggings in Brown, Black, and Dark Blue - Old Navy Teacher Favorites

If you’re allowed to wear jeans to school, you’ll want to check out the Rockstar Jeggings at Old Navy. Like other pant styles, they’re available in short, regular, and long options in women’s and women’s plus sizes, so you’re sure to find a pair that you love. 

8. First-Layer Cami

Black, gray, and nude colored camisole tops - Old Navy Teacher Favorites

Old Navy’s First-Layer Camis come in a variety of neutral shades, including “nudes” that work for light and dark skin. Both Women’s and Women’s Plus size camis have adjustable straps and are long enough to tuck into pants. The Maternity Nursing Cami is especially cool since the straps have detachable clips.

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Pixie Pants and 7 More Old Navy Teacher Favorites For A Budget-Friendly Wardrobe