17 November Bulletin Boards To Celebrate the Season

Spice up your classroom with these ideas.

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November has a variety of holidays and seasonal festivities to celebrate in your classroom. In this season of thanks, engage your students with some creative fall-inspired bulletin board ideas. Whether you want to showcase Thanksgiving, Election Day, or the fall season, we’ve got you covered. Check out this list of 17 of our favorite November bulletin board ideas. 

1. Honoring Native historical figures

Bulletin board with Native American heritage month written on it

November is Native American Heritage Month. Inspire your students by creating this board featuring Native historical figures that made an impact on the world.

Source: Rentschler Library/Pinterest 

2. Gobble up a good book

board with "gobble up a good book" written on it

Looking for a fun, visual way to get students excited about reading? This turkey-themed board will do the trick. Cut out a turkey from construction paper and print your book covers of choice to complete this engaging board. 

Source: Deb’s Design

3. A great crop of kids!


Bulletin board with corn decals on it

Your students will love this corn crop bulletin board idea that calls them out by name. The 3D element really makes it POP!

Source: The Applicious Teacher 

4. National STEAM Day

board with "we are full STEAM ahead" written on it

Encourage your students to engage in STEAM activities for National STEAM Day with this fun board. Include bright colors and clip art to really make it stand out. 

Source: Maria Moreno 

5. Football goals writing prompt

Bulletin board with football decals on it

Fall means it’s finally football season. These football-shaped writing prompts will be a touchdown for your class. Simple but effective! 

Source: Supply Me

6. World Kindness Day

Bulletin board with "be kind to one another" written on it

Celebrate World Kindness Day by encouraging kind behavior from your kids with this simple, interactive board. 

Source: Euroamerican School of Monterrey 

7. DIY pie writing prompts

Bulletin board with pie decals on it

Keep your eye on the pie with these adorable writing prompts. Have your students fill out their favorite pie flavor and cut out pie shapes to achieve this board. 

Source: Castles and Crayons

8. Turkey Trot with verbs

board with "Run, turkey, run!" written on it

Turn turkey time into a fun way to practice verbs. Students can write down their favorite verb to create this unique November bulletin board idea. 

Source: Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits 

9. Election Day character candidate

Bulletin board with "We vote for CHARACTER" written on it

This idea from the Corner on Character blog is perfect for a November bulletin board idea. Students will love coming up with their ideal “character candidate.” 

Source: The Corner on Character 

10. A cornucopia of gratitude

board with decals about gratitude on it

Thanksgiving is all about appreciating what we have, so why not create this awesome gratitude board? Students can create their own pumpkins and cornucopias to add to the fall theme.

Source: Tiny Art Room

11. Reading leaves you happy

Bulletin board with "Reading leaves you happy" and a decal of a tree on it

We love this adorable reading tree complete with a leaf border. Your kids will definitely want to pick up a book after seeing this friendly face. 

Source: Lorri’s School Library Blog

12. Full tummies make thankful hearts

Bulletin board with "full tummies make thankful hearts" written on it

Food is a big part of what makes November so special. Your students will adore this Thanksgiving bulletin board that showcases all of their favorite foods! 

Source: Teacher Created Resources

13. Acorns and bushels of apples

Bulletin board with "we are nuts about learning" written on it

Create a friendly fall environment in your classroom with these cute acorns falling off a tree. Add some bushels of apples and you are all set! 

Source: Bulletin Board Ideas

14. 3D scarecrow for good grades

board with "crowing about good grades" written on it

Encourage those good grades with a not-so-scary scarecrow. The crows sitting on a fence tie it all together to create the perfect November bulletin board idea. 

Source: Educational Displays

15. Owl you need is family

Bulletin board with "family is something to hoot about" written on it

Celebrate your students’ families during the season of thanks with this hootiful family tree bulletin board. They will absolutely love seeing their loved ones’ pictures in the classroom.

Source: Jojo S. Cepeda/Pinterest 

16. Compound-word turkeys

board with "compound word feast" written on it

A creative way to teach about compound words is with this adorable turkey board. Attach the words as the turkeys’ feathers to complete this crowd-pleasing November bulletin board. 

Source: Brittany Clement/Pinterest

17. This turkey is tie-rific

Bulletin board with "second grade's tie-rific turkey!" written on it

We love this creative tie-rific turkey. Ask your students to bring in a tie to really personalize your turkey friend for the holiday. 

Source: Ann BB/Flick 

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