7 Must-Listen Podcasts for Teachers this Summer

Knock out some of your professional development this summer.

must-listen podcasts

It’s not easy to fit in all that professional development you were planning for the summer. Of course, you want to learn about hyperdocs, flipping your classroom, escape rooms, developing student activism, supporting struggling learners, and everything else the wide world has to offer a creative teacher. But you also want to have picnics. Go hiking. Jump in the lake. Visit a museum. Make cinnamon rolls and eat them with your family. The point is sometimes professional development needs to fit your busy schedule, not the other way around. That’s where these must-listen podcasts come in.

As you enjoy your summer, here’s a fun playlist to keep you learning even during summer’s relaxig moments. 

1. While you’re basking in the sun by the lake/pool/ocean, listen to …

The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast is stuffed with practical, applicable ideas for taking your daily teaching strategies to the next level. Jennifer Gonzalez has your back when it comes to the latest and the greatest, and giving her 45 minutes in your earbuds as you lounge in the sunshine will definitely be worth it.


2. While you’re cutting up watermelon and strawberries for your next outdoor dinner, listen to …

K-12 Greatest Hits: The Best Ideas in Education is a short show that hits on all kinds of prescient topics in education. You’ll find shows on the role of homework, classroom management, teaching empathy, co-teaching, and much more. Simply choose one that appeals.


3. The next time you go for a run or hike, listen to …

Travel with Rick Steves takes a long and lovely look at an incredible destination in each podcast episode. I’ve used them time and again to prepare for break travel, and what better time than summer to begin planning out your next school vacation? Visit Prague, Paris, Havana, or Berlin with Rick during your workout, then hop online to browse ticket prices when you get home.


4. While driving out for ice cream, listen to …

The Spark Creativity Teacher Podcast is my own podcast, in which I explore creative strategies for the ELA classroom. Learn how to start your own poetry slam, collaborate with a teacher in another state or country, or start your own free choice reading program. That way your trip out for ice cream is really “work.”


5. As you plant and prune in your backyard oasis, listen to …

TED Talks Education will give you something to ponder as you pull weeds or cut bouquets. Like all TED talks, each one is radically different, and most are radically interesting. Keep pace with innovation and fresh ideas in the field as you listen to the many viewpoints presented by TED.


6. When you lay down for an afternoon nap but you’re not that tired because you slept in (yay!), listen to …

If flipping your classroom has always intrigued you but you’ve never had time to dive into the idea, Flipped Learning Worldwide can give you a quick introduction to some key ideas. As you relax in nap-mode, you can imagine your students’ future delight as they learn some of your content in a wholly new way, through video you never knew you could create yourself.


7. On your summer road trip, listen to …

The Art of Charm is an intriguing podcast that deals with all kinds of questions regarding relationships, emotions, personal satisfaction, and more. If you ever feel like navigating faculty dynamics and drama is almost as tricky as figuring out how to engage your most difficult students, The Art of Charm might have some answers for you.

Relaxing over the summer really is a form of professional development since you can’t teach when you’re utterly depleted. These must-listen podcasts can just add some food for thought.


Betsy Potash

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