16 Awesome Kindergarten Blogs and Teachers to Follow

Tips and tricks from your peers.

Top Kindergarten Blogs

One of the best things about being an educator is discovering the amazing online teaching community. When we work together and share ideas, we are stronger and better prepared when we step into our classrooms each day. We’ve put together a list of the best kindergarten blogs and teachers to follow for inspiration and ideas. You’ll find topics on everything from crafts to addressing important multicultural issues.

The Active Educator

Why we love them: Adriana shares truly creative and thought-provoking ways to connect education with physical fitness and travel.

 Must-read post : This post showcases what it really feels like to be a teacher. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

That One Happy Classroom

Why we love them: You’ll find incredibly colorful and engaging videos on the YouTube channel featuring everything from classroom tours to tips for starting your own teacher channel!

 Must read post : Fernanda shares an anchor chart and explains that “adding movements to tricky concepts makes things for my students easier to retain!”



Miss Kindergarten

Why we love them: From reading and math to fun holiday crafts. Hadar has ideas for keeping kids entertained and engaged!

 Must-read post : You don’t want to miss this page of free at-home learning activities and worksheets for kindergarten students!

The TuTu Teacher

Why we love them: Vera is a huge champion of diversity on top of being a super creative kindergarten teacher.

 Must-read post  : Vera created a time-lapse video of her 30-minute morning meeting which highlights just how much teachers do!

The Kinderhearted Classroom

Why we love them: This is a great site for all teachers, but especially for creatives who love making things for the classroom.

 Must-read post : It can be hard to encourage kids to pick up a book. But, Elizabeth’s tips for instilling a love of reading in your students can help you get started!

The Teaching Texan

Why we love them: Bryce describes himself as a “risk taker” and “reflective educator,” and offers professional development workshops in addition to teaching tips!

 Must-read post : Don’t miss this post with tips for making STEAM education a cinch!

Enchanted Kinder Garden

Why we love them: This blog offers some truly inspiring tips and blog content. In addition, Keri also offers a free exclusive library—the Garden!

 Must-read post : You’ll love this FREE method of creating published authors in your classroom!

Top Teacher

Why we love them: This site offers a wealth of downloadable content and resources following a play-based methodology.

 Must-read post : Bridget and Shez share important strategies for developing a meaningful relationship with students.

Big Ideas for Little Hands

Why we love them: One of our favorite kindergarten blogs, Julie focuses on finding hands-on, differentiated ways of meeting her students’ needs.

 Must-read post : Discover some cool ways to use snap cubes in the classroom. For example addition and letter creation!

The Multicultural Classroom

Why we love them: Jennifer’s goal is to implement “culturally responsive pedagogy and global awareness through play and engaging lessons.”

 Must-read post : This entry shares suggestions for teaching children about Mexico, including ways to address commonly held misconceptions.

Teaching Little Leaders

Why we love them: Stephanie seems to have ideas for solving just about any teaching problem!

 Must-read post : This “Weekly and Daily Routines for Teachers During Distance Learning” will help you stay on track. This is key, especially now, when it feels like life’s been turned upside down.

Education with an Apron

Why we love them: LaNesha covers a wide range of important topics while offering thoughtful and reasonable strategies for dealing with them in the classroom.

 Must-read post : Many lives are impacted by anxiety, and this post shares ways to stock your classroom for self-care.

Kindergarten Smorgasboard

Why we love them: This site is “where mustaches, glitter, and great teachers collide!”

 Must-read post : Greg has created a great DIY post for sensory bags that will be a hit in your classroom!

Keepin Up with the Kinders

Why we love them: You’ll find a seemingly endless supply of ideas for crafts, posters, and other colorful ways to keep kids engaged.

 Must-read post : Andrea keeps it real about how difficult it can be to leave the classroom when the unexpected arises.

It’s Monique’s World

Why we love them: Monique gives us a glimpse into her real life as a teacher, from distance learning to fashion.

 Must-read post : This teacher’s honest reflection on how challenging it can be to change how we communicate with kindergarten students is highly relatable.

My Kinder Garden

Why we love them: Stella shares some of her favorite products and ideas. She also has started doing read-alouds during the time of quarantine!

 Must-read post:  In this post, she reads aloud Chrysanthemum, one of our favorite picture books.

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16 Awesome Kindergarten Blogs and Teachers to Follow