It’s Time to Rethink Rigor in Kindergarten

This free resource tells you how.

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Taking Back Kindergarten - Free Guide on Kindergarten Standards

It’s time to rethink the way we approach kindergarten education.

A rigorous approach to kindergarten doesn’t need to be at odds with developmentally appropriate education, and while great teachers have always known that non-academic skills are essential for academic success, typical kindergarten curricula have recently focused only on core academic skills, leaving behind opportunities to practice and hone these so-called “soft” skills that are so important.

Help your school take back kindergarten. 

This whitepaper, Taking Back Kindergarten: Rethinking Rigor for Young Learners, envisions an approach to intentional, play-based learning that reflects a whole-child educational approach that promotes academic, social–emotional, and cognitive development through guided play.

This approach taps into kindergarteners’ natural curiosity to inspire deeper learning and equip them with essential skills that will lead to lifelong success.