These TikTok Teachers Nail the “It’s Just the Way You … That Threw Me Off” Trend

I’ll still help you… it’s just the way you bit your crayon in half and growled at me that threw me off.

Screenshots of three TikTok teachers sharing examples from the, "It's Just The Way You ...Threw Me Off." Trend.

Teachers are no strangers to contradiction. Students—whom we know love us—testing our boundaries at every opportunity. Conflicting directives from federal education policy and local school boards. High expectations with low support (and even lower trust).

A new TikTok trend is making it easy for teachers to highlight these contradictions. The “It’s just the way you … threw me off” trend tees teachers up perfectly to share why they’ll continue to do what’s best for kids even when faced with obstacles at every turn.

We’ve compiled some of our favorites in the “It’s just the way you … threw me off” trend. Check them out below.

Oh, wait … you weren’t talking?


Like I know I saw it #fyp #fypシ #foryou #foryoupage #viral #teachinginmy20s #teacherhumor #teachersoftiktok #teacherjokes #teacher #teachersbelike #teachertok

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When the teacher interrupts your juicy gossip with her boring lesson. How dare she!

I’ll still help you …


Teachers have the biggest hearts 💗 #tiredteacher #teachersoftiktok #preschoolteacher #threwmeoffabit #springbreakready

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When you throw a chair and scissors in class, but your teacher is still committed to your education.

But she’s my bestie!


just threw me off a little #teachersoftiktok #teachertok #texasteacher #teacherootd #teacherhumor #teacherjokes

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The students were buzzing with excitement instead of paying attention. But the teacher is still willing to give them a wing and a prayer to help them succeed!

Bills on bills on bills …


but I try to remember my “why” 🙃 #teachersoftiktok #teacherlife #teacher #foryou #fyp #fypシ

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Looks like teacher salaries need a bit of a lesson plan overhaul. We should definitely give them extra credit for making ends meet!

I thought I was your favorite.


Still love them tho 🤍 #fyp #teachersoftiktok #teachertok #teacherreality #teacherhumor #wontjudge

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That moment when your favorite student forgets about you like yesterday’s homework. Cheer up, teacher, there are plenty of other students in the school.

It’s just the way you don’t support us.


The biggest thing teachers need is support🤍 #teachersoftiktok #teacherlife #teacher #teacherjokes #teaching #teachertok

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When you realize you’re not just teaching the lesson, but also teaching yourself how to deal with a lack of support. Keep calm and teach on, teacher!

Mood swings, we all have them.


I have had a student who begged me to sit with him at lunch daily and loved me slap me straight across the face before 🤣 definitely threw me off #teachertok #teacherlife #teachersoftiktok #teacherproblems #teachertired #positiveteachertok #teacherburnout #teacherburnout #studentbehaviors

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Looks like someone’s love-hate relationship with the teacher just got an upgrade. Welcome to the roller-coaster ride of teaching!

We’ve got a growler.


Threw me off just a 🤏🏼 #fyp #teachersoftiktok #newteacher #teachertok #teacher

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When you’ve seen it all as a teacher and nothing phases you anymore. Growls and crayons are just part of the job description!

What interventions?


Implementing tier 1 & 2 strategies with fidelity is my love language 🫶🏼

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Teaching can be a tough job, but seeing a teacher who’s willing to give different interventions a chance just shows how much they care. Hats off to all the teachers out there constantly striving to improve the education experience for their students!

Maternity leave? What’s that?


#stitch with @alauria04 Too much labor indeed #formerteacher #classroom #teacher #school #teachersoftiktok #tiktokteacher #education #teachertok #teacherlife #teachertiktok #teach #teaching #teachermom

♬ original sound – Laura

Teaching is a round-the-clock job, right up until the moment when it’s time to deliver a different kind of lesson plan. Baby’s first classroom—taught by mom!

These TikToks showcase some of the many challenges that teachers face on a daily basis. Despite obstacles such as limited resources, difficult students, and low pay, we consistently pour our hearts and souls into our work, all in the name of helping students succeed.

If you are interested in supporting teachers, consider emailing your Senator regarding the Assault Weapons Ban or helping with classroom materials on DonorsChoose

These videos offer a glimpse into the world of teachers, who do their very best to make a difference in the lives of their students. So let’s take a moment to appreciate all the hardworking and dedicated teachers out there who inspire and empower their students.

What’s your take on the “It’s Just the Way You … That Threw Me Off” trend? Let us know in the comments.

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TikTok teachers jump on the "It's Just The Way You _____ Threw Me Off" trend, and boy do they have some good ones.