Infographic: Why Your School Needs Bing in the Classroom

BING: Because It’s Not Google

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If you’re looking for a secure search engine, Bing in the Classroom provides increased privacy, ad-free searches, and adaptive search behavior to provide students with the best results possible. If you’re not already using Bing in the Classroom, you’ll definitely want to check out this infographic below!

4 Features to love about Bing!

Amazing Images

Bing posts an amazing photo, video, or panorama daily. They’re always eye-catching & interesting. Great springboards for students as inspiration for writing assignments.

FREE Lesson Plans:

Easy access to the Microsoft Educator Community & over 1,800 lesson plans! Engage students with strategic questions and fun activities. And lessons are Common-Core aligned.

Video Resources:

Learn how to search and stay safe online with these educational videos: “How search works,” “Choose the right terms,” “Evaluate search results,” & “Staying safe online.”

Bing Has Answers:

Bing puts the world’s info at your fingertips with this comprehensive collection of Bing search features that both students and teachers can use for studying and research in and out of the classroom.

7 21st-century skills that Bing in the Classroom lessons support

  • Using technology as a strategic resource
  • Knowledge-building and critical thinking
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Problem-solving and innovation
  • Self-evaluation/self-awareness
  • Global awareness and civic literacy

13 million students enrolled in Bing in the Classroom!


2 Quotes from Educators:

“Internet search is part of learning and preparing [my students] for the real world… It’s built into every assignment.” -English, math & science teacher, Washington

“The Bing in the Classroom lesson plans have been a great resource for our teachers. Regardless of the grade level, the lesson plans are engaging and use culturally relevant technology to help develop digital literacy.” – Colby Clark, Director of Information Technology at Manteca United School District


Why Your School Needs Bing in the Classroom