Educators Spill: If I Weren’t a Teacher, I’d Be…

An author, a party planner, a zookeeper…

teachers dream jobs

Recently teacher Arlene N. threw out this question on our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE: “Just curious—if you weren’t a teacher, what would your dream job be?”  We were amazed by the volume and diversity of the answers we received. Turns out, teachers are dreamers. And while most of us are content staying in the classroom to pursue our first love, that doesn’t mean we can’t tap into hidden talents and passions.

The good news is, teaching creates space for imagination. Which means there are ways to integrate elements of your alternate dream job into your classroom life. Check out our Wordle images to see how teachers answered and read on for inspiration on how to bring your passion to the classroom.

If you dream of being on The Food Network …

Do cooking projects with your students (great math connection).

Grow a vegetable garden at your school.

Take your students to a restaurant on a field trip.



If you wish you could win a Nobel Prize …

Volunteer your class to be weather watchers.

Join a bat conservationist group and make bat houses.

Take your students on a field trip to the science museum or a wildlife refuge.


If you dream of owning a business …

Play business simulation games,

Teach your students financial responsibility with Classroom Economy.

Make the culminating event for one of your social studies units a marketplace. Students can create and sell goods from a particular period of history.


If you’re a secret writer or illustrator …

Start a monthly school newspaper and serve as editor in chief.

Publish a student anthology of original poems and stories.

Create an awareness campaign around an issue such as recycling, saving an endangered species, or the importance of exercise, and help students create and distribute posters and flyers.



If you’re addicted to ER and Grey’s Anatomy …

Invite a doctor, nurse, or physical therapist to be a guest speaker in your classroom.

Get certified to teach first aid and CPR and teach an in-service for your staff.

Collect personal care items like hand sanitizers, band-aids, toothbrushes, and toothpaste to create kits for homeless shelters.


If you dream of stardom …

Sponsor the school talent show.

Coordinate a poetry jam night.

Create a student team to write and broadcast the school announcements.

Direct and produce your class’ readers theater.


If you secretly enjoy jury duty …

Teach a fairy tale mock trial unit—put the big bad wolf on trial for destruction of property and harassment.

Hold a classroom debate on a hot topic.

Take your students on a field trip to the local courthouse.


If you’re hiding a creative side …

Create an after school club to paint a mural in the main entry.

Coordinate classroom art projects for your school’s fundraising auction.

Host a time-period fashion show for your next unit of social studies. For instance, a medieval fashion show or colonial American fashion show.


If you dream of adventure …

Have your students do research and create travel brochures for exotic locales.

Set up your own miniature Ninja Warrior course for field day.

Become international pen pals with students from across the world.


What are your hidden talents and passions and how do incorporate them into your classroom? Add your suggestions to the comments below.