20 Hundreds Chart Activities to Teach Counting, Number Sense, and More

Mystery pictures, number riddles, jigsaw puzzles, and more!

Hundreds Chart Activities

100 is an important number for little learners. They celebrate the 100th day of school, and they learn to count to 100 by the end of kindergarten. (Though many teachers now encourage counting to 120 instead, to help kids understand that numbers continue on after the big 1-0-0 .)

Either way, a hundreds chart is a valuable tool for helping kids master their counting skills and develop number sense. Here are some of our favorite hundreds chart activities to try in your own classroom or at home with your kids.

1. Start with an anchor chart

Hundreds Chart Activities

In addition to a large hundreds chart for use in the classroom, hang an anchor chart like this one to help kids understand how the chart itself works. The concepts are simple, but the learning payouts can be big.

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2. Assemble a hundreds chart puzzle

Grab the scissors and snip away to turn your charts into puzzles. We love this idea of making a variety of options in different colors so kids don’t mix up the pieces.


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3. Turn a jigsaw puzzle into a hundreds chart

Here’s another spin on a hundreds chart puzzle. Buy a square 100 piece puzzle at the dollar store. It wil likely be made up of 10 pieces across by 10 pieces down. Turn it over and label the blank backsides with the numbers 1 to 100, and voilà! A super cool puzzle!

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4. Solve number riddles

Hundreds Chart Activities

Kids can use a hundreds chart to find the answers to these math riddles. Get the free printable set at the link.

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5. Fill in the missing numbers

Filling in the missing numbers gives students counting practice with a few hints along the way in case they get stuck. Grab your free printables at the link.

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6. Roll to 100

Kids love this easy no-prep game! Each player starts with their marker on 1. Roll the die and move your piece that many squares ahead, counting out loud as you go. First to 100 wins!

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7. Hold a number scavenger hunt

Hundreds Chart Activities

Post a large hundreds chart and hide the various numbers around the room (sticky notes are perfect for this). Kids find the numbers and fill in the chart. Make this activity a little harder by leaving the chart blank so kids have to find the right places for the numbers instead of just matching.

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8. Practice skip counting

Hundreds charts make skip counting so easy to visualize. See-through markers or glass gems from the dollar store are terrific for this activity.

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9. Pull out a piece of the chart

Hundreds Chart Activities

Give students a challenge by breaking the chart into pieces with blanks for them to fill in. This is a clever way to work on number sense instead of rote counting.

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10. Make a bottle cap hundred chart

How cool is this! This teacher created a bottle cap chart that’s made to be used on a light board. No light board? This is still a fantastic low-cost math manipulative any teacher can make.

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11. Color a mystery picture

Coloring mystery pictures is bound to become one of your students’ favorite math activities. Visit the link for a variety of free ones to try.

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12. Make a number patterns book

Hundreds Chart

Hundreds charts are a key tool for developing number sense, and this free printable book will help kids find and identify patterns within the chart.

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13. Skip count with coins

Pull out some coins and use them to track patterns on your chart, or work on skip counting. This is a good way to bring real-life skills into the classroom.

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14. Lift the flap to explore the chart

Here’s another cool tool for helping kids see patterns. No matter what number they highlight, lifting the flaps will always show numbers that match the descriptions (10 less, 10 more, etc.).

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15. Create a circular number chart

Hundreds Chart Activities

One thing that often trips kids up is getting from one row of the chart to the next. That’s where this clever spiral chart comes into play. The non-stop flow makes it much easier to remember what comes next.

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16. Race to fill the chart

This easy math game is always a winner! Two partners share one chart, passing it back and forth. The first player writes the number 1, the second number 2, and so on. They race to see how fast they can complete it … but it only counts if it’s correct!

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17. Map out mystery letters

Sneak a little letter practice into math time with this cool activity. Get the instructions and free printables at the link.

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18. Play hundreds chart Battleship

Hundreds charts are perfect for playing Battleship! Laminate them and use dry erase markers so kids can play again and again.

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19. Stop the Speeding Car

Hundreds Chart Activities

In this cute game, a “Driver” and a “Police Officer” try to see who can reach the “speed limit” first. Get all the rules at the link.

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20. Reverse the hundreds chart

Blow your students’ minds when you show them this hundreds chart that starts at the bottom instead. They’ll be fascinated to find that all the patterns they know are still there. 

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20 Hundreds Chart Activities to Teach Counting, Number Sense, and More