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Dollars & Decisions Online Game

WellsFargo Dollars & Decisions Online Game

New & Improved

Check Out Our New Interactive Financial Literacy Course

Dollars & Decisions is a free “Choose Your Own Adventure”–style interactive course designed for grades 8-12.

Plus, we just launched a new dashboard so you can keep track of your students’ progress. Learn how to use it here.

Make teaching money management skills as easy as 1-2-3.

Image of K-12 Financial Literacy Lessons

30+ K-12 Financial Literacy Lessons

Practical ideas and activities to teach kids about money.

Fun Money Lessons for Grades K-5

Get students learning about coins, dollars, and budgeting.

What Is Savings image

What Is Saving?

Learn to set goals and make plans to reach them.

Image for Smart Shopping

Smart Shopping

Add up what things cost and plan to make good buys.

Image for Make the Most of Your Money

Make the Most of Your Money

Ready-to-go lessons on budgeting, wants vs. needs, and more!

Image for Spend Save Give Back

Spend, Save, and Give Back

Discuss giving back through donations and volunteering.

Engaging Activities for Grades 6-8

Give students the tools to help them plan and save for what they want.

Image for How To Budget for What You Want

How To Budget for What You Want

Learn about wants and needs and how to prioritize them.

Image for What Are Taxes?

What Are Taxes Anyway?

Teach about the basics of federal, state, and local taxes, including payroll taxes.

Image for Why Do You Need Insurance

Why Do You Need Insurance?

Show how insurance works with relatable examples.

Image for Why Should You Give Back

Why Should You Give Back?

Learn about budgeting to support charities.

Practical Tools for Grades 9-12

Teach high schoolers to take control of their life plans and build financial confidence.

Images for What If You Need Money

What if You Need Money Unexpectedly?

Learn how to save and plan for the future.

Image for Is Bitcoin Real

Is Bitcoin Real Money?

Start to navigate the world of virtual currency.

Image for Do You Need To Pay Taxes?

Do You Need To Pay Taxes?

Teach taxes in a way teens will understand.

Image for How Does Insurance Work

How Does Insurance Work?

Help give insurance real-life context.

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