The Best Financial Apps for Kids (Plus a Printable List!)

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Whether they’re getting an allowance or their first job, kids need to learn how to manage money. But how do you do that in a way that’s not, well … boring? These apps make it fun and easy for kids to learn important money skills in low-stakes ways. Check out our favorite financial apps for kids:

For elementary-aged kids

Savings Spree

Screenshot of Savings Spree app

Using a game-show format, this app takes users through real-life situations, where they see how the daily choices they make can have financial consequences. As they earn money in the game, they can decide to put it into the portion of their piggy bank dedicated to saving, spending, donating, or investing.

iOS, $5.99


With Bankaroo, parents can set up a virtual account for their kids and make either automatic allowance “deposits” or ad hoc contributions or withdrawals. Both kids and parents can set goals within the app and watch as they make progress toward them.

iOS/Android, free

Renegade Buggies

Designed by the National Center for Families Learning, this fast-paced game has users riding a shopping cart through a street while trying to collect all of the items on their shopping list. The goal is to complete the list while also saving as much money as possible, with strategies like using coupons or buying in bulk.

iOS/Android, free

For tweens

The Game of Life

Screenshot from Game of Life App

In the app version of the classic board game, players in The Game of Life earn income based on their college and  career and then spend it on things like houses, cars, and their children. The goal is to retire with more money than the other (virtual) players.


iOS/Android, $2.99

Kiddie Kredit

Designed to teach kids about managing their credit score, this app allows kids to earn “points” on their score by tracking their chores. Higher credit scores allow kids to access rewards, determined by parents.

iOs/Android, free


This educational app has a variety of lessons, quizzes, and other content designed to teach the basics of investing. Personalized classes and real-world case studies help make high-level concepts more relatable.

iOS/Android, free

For teens


3 screenshots of Zogo app

This app offers bite-sized personal finance lessons in a gamified app that allows users to earn real rewards, like $5 gift cards to places teens love, like Amazon or Starbucks. The modules cover everything from basic budgeting to more advanced themes like investing.

iOS/Android, free

Goodbudget Budget Planner

For older teens who have a job (or who are good at saving their allowance), this app can help them get used to managing a budget. The Goodbudget app offers a digital take on the “envelope method” of budgeting and allows users to set specific goals and share them with friends and family.

iOS/Android, free


For teens who want to try their hand at investing, MarketSim is a risk-free way for them to see how it feels to make a winning (or losing) bet. They start out with $10,000 in virtual cash and can make as many trades as they want.

iOs, free with in-app purchases

AdVenture Capitalist

Players aim to build the lemonade stand that they operate at the start of the game into a multinational corporation. To build the business, they can hire managers to  automate profits, take on investors, and expand into other industries.

iOS/Android, free with in-app purchases

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