Teach Your Elementary Students About Saving Money With This Free Interactive Whiteboard Lesson

Why not spend it all at once?

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First slide of saving lesson on a laptop

Saving is one of the building blocks of financial capability. Give students a comprehensive introduction to the concept of saving with this “Ready, Set, Save!” lesson!

What’s this saving lesson all about?

You’ll begin this lesson by discussing what it means to save and how people earn money. Students will learn the difference between wants and needs and then brainstorm reasons they might need to save (unexpected events, future fun, and charitable giving). Then, they’ll do some calculations around a fictional allowance. Finally, they’ll practice saving for a goal in the context of a new pet (a hermit crab, that is!).

Why Should I Save? slide from saving lesson on a laptop

How does an interactive whiteboard lesson work?

  1. Download the PowerPoint or make a copy of the Google Slides.
  2. Project the lesson onto your screen or interactive whiteboard.
  3. This lesson is 100% ready to go! Just follow the Presenter Notes at the bottom of each slide. Here you’ll find what to do, what to say, what questions to ask, and what directions to give as the lesson progresses.
  4. If you’re working on an interactive whiteboard, you can type or write right in the paycheck boxes. (Note: For this to work, you must be in Editor and not Presenter mode.)
  5. For student independent practice and the exit ticket, students can do their work in a math journal or make their own copy in Google Slides and type directly in it.

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