Teach Your Students Money Basics With This Easy “Spend, Save, Give Back” Lesson

Just right for grades 3-5.

When it comes to math, there’s a lot of content to get through. But money skills are one of those things that you just can’t afford (see what we did there?) to skimp on. Set students up for future success with this easy lesson around one of the pillars of finance: spend, save, and give back.

What’s Included in the Spend, Save, Give Back Lesson

  1. A lesson complete with learning goals and step-by-step instructions.
  2. A KWL chart to activate prior knowledge and track student learning.
  3. A 2-page worksheet for independent practice.

How To Use the Lesson

This is a great way to introduce budgeting to your students. They’ll think of their budget as four different “buckets”:

  • Spending
  • Short-term saving
  • Long-term saving
  • Giving back

This lesson would also pair well with a lesson on multiplication and/or percentages because of its real-world application.

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