Just 19 Magical Harry Potter Bulletin Boards Even Muggles Can Pull Off

Accio, construction paper!

Best Harry Potter Bulletin Boards

Is there a classroom theme better than a Harry Potter classroom theme? Why no, no there is not. If you’re not convinced, check out these amazing Harry Potter bulletin boards that have us ready to work at Hogwarts.

(Psst … check out how one teacher transformed her entire classroom into a Harry Potter wonderland.)

1. Help Dobby Job Chart

Why does being line leader seem *infinitely* better when it’s in the context of helping out poor Dobby?

2. Vocab Alley

It’s like Diagon Alley, but for vocabulary. I’m on board.

3. Welcome to Hogwarts

Fireplace with letters on the wall appearing to have come from the fireplace

SOURCE: Reddit

Think of the fun things you could slip into those envelopes: reading challenges, congratulations on a job well done—the possibilities are endless!

4. “Owl” Goals

Beginning-of-the-year goal setting has never looked so good!

5. Reach for Your Golden Snitch

Another Harry-themed goal-setting idea we love!

6. Prefect of the Week

Shake up your student of the week display with some HP-inspired *flair.*

7. Wanderful Work

Wanderful work bulletin board

SOURCE: 3nwithmissn

Harry Potter puns forever!

8. We’re So Fly, We Multiply

A fun way to show off multiplication skills!

9. A.R. Quidditch

A fun data wall if you use Accelerated Reader.

10. When in Doubt, Go to the Library

Ready to be filled with students’ book recommendations!

11. Daily Prophet Classroom Schedule

Ms. Hudson, what do we have next? Check the Daily Prophet, kids!

12. Cell Phones in Azkaban

Cell phone holder with Azkaban written in gold letters

SOURCE: Pinterest

I love this idea so much it hurts.

13. The Owlery

The Owlery bulletin board

SOURCE: Pinterest

I don’t even have a mail center in my classroom, and now I want one.

14. Advice From Albus

Advice from Albus bulletin board

SOURCE: Pinterest

Such a fun way to display the wisdom of everyone’s favorite Hogwarts instructor.

15. Floating Candle Birthday Board

Write that month’s birthdays on individual candles, and voila!

16. Harry Potter and the Sorcery Seniors

A cute display for spirit week!

17. House Points

Bulletin board with different Hogwarts houses

SOURCE: Pinterest

I’ve never used house points to manage classroom behavior, but this makes me want to try it.

18. Writing Goals

Writing goals with Quidditch goals

SOURCE: Pinterest

A bulletin board like this could easily be used for reading, science, or math.

19. What’s Your Patronus Memory?

This Harry Potter bulletin board works for the end of the year or as a January pick-me-up.

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