23 Fall Teacher Hacks From Instagram Geniuses

The best fun learning tips, tricks, hacks, and ideas that autumn has to offer.

We love things that make life easier. If it’s for the classroom, that’s even better. You might have caught some of our teacher hack articles before, like this one with genius cleaning and organizing ideas. Or this one about great ideas from the dollar store.

We searched one of our favorite places for teacher photos, Instagram, and put together our favorite fall art projects and hacks. Take a look!


1. Get caught in this spider web of skip counting.

Everything—yep, even math—is more fun when it’s Halloween themed!




2. Use mini pumpkins to re-create your favorite book characters.

Your kids will get a kick out of these gussied-up gourds.



3. Turn an old book into fun fall decor for the class.

Simply remove the cover and cut the pages into a great pumpkin.



4. Make a mummy door with white streamers.

Add some giant googly eyes and you’re ready for Halloween.



5. Create a photo booth with a few seasonal props.

Hay bale, corn stalks and DIY paper pendants—perfect for the fall party.



6. Make like a pilgrim and churn your own butter.

Heavy cream + mason jar + a whole lotta shaking = homemade butter.



7. Use pinecones from outside to create these adorable owls.

An easy autumnal art project using perky pinecones. Whoooo’s in?



8. Package up a healthy, nut-free party snack.

Place a fresh apple atop a container of caramel, wrap it with cellophane and tie it up with a ribbon. Done and done.



9. Use cotton swabs to create a fun autumn tree art project.

Bundle up a bunch of cotton swabs with a rubber band. Add paint and they’re ready to create.



10. Celebrate National Author’s Day (November 1) with an awesome bulletin board.

This one commemorates Magic Tree House author Mary Pope Osbourne, but you could pick your favorite American author to honor.



11. Use a pumpkin cutout to create a fun letter-tracking game.

Help your littles learn their letters with a paper cutout and a hole punch.



12. Press fall leaves to create bookmarks for the class.

Another reason to use that laminator! Take your kids on a nature hike and save their treasures to create custom bookmarks.



13. Set up a pie-making station with pumpkin-scented play dough.

Find your favorite “recipe” online and pick up a few pie tins to create this fun sensory experience.



14. Use colored tissue paper and tape to create party treats.

Hand out treats in this tricky container that disguises the contents inside.



15. Use mason jars and crochet slipcovers to collect writing utensils.

Know how to crochet (or have a friend who does)? Make these cute covers for the ultimate in stylish storage.



16. Conduct science experiments with leftover Halloween candy.

Dissolve Skittles in a bit of water and watch the color wash away to make a liquid rainbow.



17. Use candy pumpkins to create structures and teach problem-solving.

Connect candy with toothpicks and turn your students into mini engineers.



18. Use a decorative scarecrow to deck out your door.

They’re always a hit with the kids, and they’re easy to find this time of year.



19. Make festive finger puppets from felt.

A little glue, some orange felt and googly eyes go a long way to create these easy puppets.



20. Use leaves to create your very own Hungry Caterpillar.

Little ones will especially love creating this Eric Carle favorite.



21. Use apples in as many science experiments as possible.

Store them in different liquids and track the results, or try the always popular “good/bad” apple experiment.



22. Turn summer salads into fall salads.

Take your desk lunch to the next level with roasted squash, pepitas, sliced apples and more.



23. Put together a learning kit from outside treasures.

There’s no right or wrong way to do this one. As long as it’s not alive, it would be great for your students.


If you have a fall hack that would be great for the classroom, post it on Instagram with the hashtag #FallHacks.