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Celebrate the birthday kid!

Happy Birthday Coloring Pages Feature
Allie Ogg / We Are Teachers

Here’s a fun and easy way to celebrate the birthday kids in your classroom! Give them one of these Happy Birthday coloring pages to color. Grab all five pages when you fill out the form here.

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Here’s what’s included in our Happy Birthday coloring pages bundle:

Happy Birthday Coloring Pages from We Are Teachers
Allie Ogg / We Are Teachers

School Bus Happy Birthday Coloring Page

This one’s perfect for a classroom birthday celebration. Get on the bus headed for a very happy birthday!

Alligator Birthday Coloring Page

Your birthday is sure to be “snappy” when you choose this fun coloring page.

Space-Themed Birthday Coloring Page

Take a rocket to a happy birthday celebration with this coloring page.

Birthday Cake Coloring Page

Ready, set, make a wish! And decorate a birthday cake however you like using crayons or markers.

Unicorn Happy Birthday Coloring Page


Your unicorn lovers are sure to love this coloring page that promises a magical day!

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Tips for Using These Coloring Pages in the Classroom

  • Print a variety of the Happy Birthday coloring pages at the beginning of the year so you can have them on hand all year long.
  • Place one of the coloring pages on a birthday student’s desk before they arrive in the morning. A fun pencil or pen makes a nice addition.
  • Invite classmates to color one or more of the pages to give to the birthday student too!

More Ways To Celebrate Birthdays in the Classroom

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