33 Beautiful Birthday Bulletin Board Ideas

Light the candles and cut the cake.

Students of all ages love to be celebrated on their birthdays. I mean, who doesn’t? There are so many creative ways to showcase birthdays on your bulletin board. Take a little extra time this year to create a birthday bulletin board that really makes your students feel special. If you’re unsure where to start, check out our list below of 33 birthday bulletin board ideas!

1. unbeLEAFable

unbeaLEAFable birthdays autumn birthday bulletin board idea

Got a bunch of autumn birthdays? Create this adorable leaf board using string and clothes pins!

Source: Pinterest/Kim Dillon

2. Summer Birthdays

these birthdays are cool popsicle truck summer birthday bulletin board idea

Students with summer birthdays often feel left out. Showcase their special days with this adorable Popsicle truck idea. How sweet!

Source: Pinterest/Kim Dillon

3. Birthday Bugs


birthday bugs lightning bugs in jars for birthdays bulletin board idea

Don’t bug me, it’s my birthday!

Source: Pinterest/McKenna Cavan

4. Bee Day

happy bee day bee hives birthday bulletin board

How cute are these Bee Day hives? Unbeelievable!

Source: Pinterest/Jess Morales

5. Boho Rainbows

rainbow happy birthday bulletin board idea

This boho birthday bulletin board idea is perfect for a minimalist classroom vibe. Rainbows never go out of style!

Source: Pinterest/Miss Melanie

6. Birthday Cake

happy birthday cake and cupcakes bulletin board idea

Keep it simple with birthday cupcakes.

Source: Pinterest/vaishali

7. Camp Out

twinkle twinkle little birthdays tents and fire camping birthday bulletin board

This board is super in-tents.

Source: Pinterest/Amanda Kallas

8. Birthday Buddies

birthday buddies fish swimming in the sea birthday bulletin board ideas

The year will go along swimmingly with these birthday buddies!

Source: Pinterest/Teresa Pena

9. Brrrthdays

brrrthdays birthday bulletin board penguins

This brrrthday board is perfect for when the weather gets chilly.

Source: Pinterest/Alicia Johnson

10. Moving Up

look whos birthday is up next up birthday inspired bulletin board

Any Up fans and little ones will love this birthday bulletin board idea.

Source: Pinterest/Marna Rivera

11. Hands Down

hands down birthdays are the best hand cutout birthday bulletin board

The simplicity of this board is perfect. Grab some hand cutouts and letters and you’re all set.

Source: Pinterest/Katie Twibell

12. Pop Up

look whose birthday is popping up next popcorn themed bday bulletin board

Combine a kid-approved treat with birthday celebrations and you’ve got a winner!

Source: Pinterest/Katie Twibell

13. Birthday Calendar

birthday calendar bulletin board with neon balloons

Create a birthday calendar to stay organized and creative.

Source: Pinterest/Jeanett Castellanos

14. Sweet Treat

here's the scoop.. birthdays are sweet ice cream cone birthday bulletin board

Nothing’s sweeter than ice cream, except maybe ice cream on your birthday.

Source: Pinterest/Alicia Johnson

15. Cow Day

herd it's your birthday cow and barn themed birthday bulletin board idea

Hopefully we’re not milking these birthday bulletin board ideas … but we think this one is udderly adorable!

Source: Pinterest/Kelly

16. Apple of My Eye

birthdays that rock to the core apple core birthday bulletin board

Students will love these cute apple cores and their little worm friends.

Source: Pinterest/Angelina Kovar

17. Spooktacular

have a spooktacular birthday ghosts and pumpkins halloween themed birthday bulletin board idea

Spooky season approaches quickly every year! Create this boo-tiful birthday board to celebrate all the things.

Source: Pinterest/Ashlee Odonnell

18. B-Day Bananas

bananas on your birthday monkey and bananas birthday bulletin board

Birthdays are one of the only acceptable times to go a little bananas.

Source: English Is Fun

19. Pac-Man Fun

a-maze-ing birthday pac-man video game arcade themed birthday bulletin board

The creativity of this board is on point!

Source: Pinterest/Angie Reid

20. Chain of Birthdays

circle birthdays chain of birthdays bulletin board

This one is originally meant for a workplace but would do just as well in a classroom!

Source: Pinterest/Melissa Rush

21. Plant Birthdays

our birthdays plants in pots bulletin board idea

For all the plant parents out there.

Source: Pinterest/Miss Danielle

22. Scoops of Fun

scoop on birthdays ice cream sundae bulletin board

Create a delicious-looking birthday board that looks good enough to eat.

Source: Pinterest/Victoria Nuben

23. Birthday Blast

birthdays are a blast outer space themed bulletin board birthday

Celebrate with this out-of-this-world birthday bulletin board idea. The streamers add such a cool touch!

Source: Pinterest/Megan Herritz

24. Keep It Simple

happy birthday bulletin board balloons party

Simplicity is key!

Source: Pinterest/Carson Dellosa Education

25. Rainbow Vibes

rainbow birthday board cake

We love these rainbow birthday vibes!

Source: Pinterest/Kindergarten Korner

26. Bunch of Balloons

let's celebrate balloon bundle birthday bulletin board

The balloons are adorable, but let’s talk about that polka dot border!

Source: Pinterest/Libby Hackney

27. Gift Bags

happy birthday gift bag wall

Your students will love this gift bag wall. Perfect for youngsters!

Source: Pinterest/Yesi

28. Crown Wall

happy birthday crowns wall bulletin board

Treat your class like royalty with this crown birthday bulletin board idea.

Source: Youtube

29. Fall Leaves

november birthday leaves and scarecrow birthday bulletin board

If you have a bunch of November birthdays, this board is perfect! How adorable is that scarecrow?

Source: Pinterest/Connie Oyer

30. Love Letters

february birthdays mailbox love letters birthday bulletin board idea

Send out some birthday wishes for all the February birthdays in your class.

Source: Pinterest/Tammy Y

31. Snow Globes

snow many january birthdays snow globe bulletin board

Shake it up with a snow globe board for those winter birthdays.

Source: Pinterest/Vicky Mehls

32. Heart Chart

happy birthday heart bulletin board

This heart bulletin board is perfect for preschool birthdays.

Source: Pinterest/Marah Harvey

33. Birthday Shapes

happy birthday shapes of months bulletin board idea

Switch up the shapes for each month. Simple and cute!

Source: Crative by Gene

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