In Defense of Glitter in the Classroom

Are you on #teamglitter or #teamnoglitter?

glitter in the classroom spilled

When it comes to the sparkly stuff, you’re either #teamglitter or #teamnoglitter. The glitter haters out there will argue that once you use glitter in the classroom, it never really goes away. That’s true. I know a teacher who moved into a former classroom of mine and four years later, she’s finding glitter. But members of #teamglitter know that’s just another reason glitter is so great—it keeps spreading the love long after its first use.

Since I’m a firm believer that glitter makes all things better, here are my top four reasons to love and encourage glitter in the classroom every day.

Funny meme glitter in the classroom

1. Glitter is delightfully unpredictable.

Just like our students, glitter is unpredictable. It allows students to create and self-express in fun (and sparkly) ways. Students are naturals for #teamglitter. Mine ask to use glitter on all of our art projects. It’s a classroom staple.

2. Glitter in the classroom is versatile.

Glitter is applicable to almost any lesson and subject. You can make glitter shapes and numbers. Perform an experiment with glitter slime. You can write letters in glittery markers and highlight map features in glitter globs. It’s the most universal classroom tool since the #2 pencil.

Cleanup glitter in the classroom

3. Glitter spreads happiness.

Teaching can be hard and stressful. One way to relieve that frustration? Glitter. It brings happiness everywhere it spreads. And oh, does it spread.


Glitter, glitter everywhere

4. Glitter is messy.

Teaching can be a messy endeavor, so embrace it. Celebrate the mess with what else? Glitter. Everyone needs a little sparkle while they’re learning and growing, so sprinkle away. And after your students have celebrated mastering a skill with a glitter party, break out the lint roller.

When in doubt, just add glitter.

The glitter debate is real. So are you #teamglitter or #teamnoglitter? Share your opinions on glitter in the classroom in the comments to take a sparkly side!