Anyone who teaches middle or high school knows how time consuming lesson planning can be. It’s easy to spend too many hours tracking down materials that are relevant, engaging, and on level. That’s why we’re loving Gale in Context: For Educators, a new tool coming this fall that gives teachers tons of time-saving shortcuts so they can work smarter, not harder.

Have confidence in your content.

Gale is already a well-known company that librarians have grown to love and trust. Now with Gale in Context: For Educators, teachers will have amazing resources for the classroom at their fingertips, too.

Along with informational texts, you’ll find standards-aligned primary sources, videos, audio, lesson plans, activities, and more. You no longer have to look in a dozen different places to gather material and personalize it all to plan your lessons. It’s also easy to collaborate with other teachers and share with students. With Gale in Context: For Educators, it really is all in one spot.

Take a peek at this video and see just how easy it is to use.