20 Funny Videos About #TeacherLife That Are All Too Relatable

It’s funny because it’s true.

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Teaching can be a tough gig, but almost any day brings at least a laugh or two. These funny teacher videos capture what it’s like to teach these days. Take a break and have a laugh!

1. Preschool Teachers Share Horror Stories

Pre-K teachers have some crazy stories. Be warned: a whole lot of them involve bodily fluids.

2. Hilarious Teacher Technology in the Classroom

Devin Siebold makes some of our favorite funny teacher videos, because he definitely knows what it’s like trying to teach in the 21st century. This one features all the “useful” technology you’ll find in today’s classrooms.

3. If We Treated Teachers Like Pro Athletes

If you dream of a world where teachers are the millionaire superstars, this is the video for you!

4. All of Us (Teacher Parody)

“How many times do I have to tell you when you’re crying, your homework’s still due?” These teachers love their students, their quirks, and all their questions, even their pointless interjections!

5. Erducator Behavior Reward System


Gerry Brooks is another one of those folks who make a lot of funny teacher videos. As a principal, he really hits it on the head with this “teacher rewards system.”

6. Teachers Tell Their Worst Horror Stories

Here’s another roundup of teacher horror stories, from teachers of all ages and grades. (Warning: more puke stories ahead.)

7. Look What You Made Me Do (Teacher Parody)

Oh, the things that students make their teachers do. “If you don’t do your homework, then you can trust me: I’ll be the teacher starring in your bad dreams!”

8. If We Replaced Teachers With Just Anyone

This video is for anyone who thinks teaching is a job that pretty much anyone can do. Now we know why “worked at Arby’s” isn’t usually considered teacher training.

9. Preschool Teachers Play Never Have I Ever

Pre-K teachers, this one is for you! (Although frankly, most teachers have probably been called “mom” or “dad” once or twice.)

10. Teachers Guess Teen Slang

Language changes over time, and these days it seems to change faster than ever! Can these teachers keep up with the latest teen slang, like “clout demon” and “glow-up”?

11. SNL Cool Substitute Teacher

This SNL skit featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda has become a classic. The movies want you to believe any sub can become an inspirational success, but students are totally onto their tricks. (Enough with the hip-hop!)

12. New Teachers vs. Veteran Teachers

Don’t get us wrong: teachers never stop caring about the important things. But they definitely become a lot more chill about the small stuff (like wearing lipstick every day) over time.

13. Preschool Teachers Share Darndest Things Kids Have Said

Out of the mouths of babes, as they say. Kids are brutally honest—and often absolutely hilarious.

14. Kindergarten Lunch Duty

Oh, Lunchables. Why do you have to have so many separate items that kids need help opening?

15. Teaching Got Me (Song Parody)

“We are teachers! We are tired!” These teachers parodied “Lean on Me” and totally brought down the house.

16. Funny Teacher Yoga

Nothing gives you a good stretch like turning around to catch whoever is talking while you’re writing on the whiteboard!

17. Teacher Gives Fake Spelling Test

Sometimes, teachers just want to have fun! April Fool’s Day is a terrific time for teacher pranks, like this fake spelling test one teacher used to completely stump his students.

18. Teachers’ Day Song by Jimmy Fallon

Teachers shouldn’t have to pay their taxes, and at Chipotle they should always get free guac. Jimmy knows what teachers deserve! (Plus, check out this teacher’s heartfelt response.)

19. Hilarious Kindergarten Quotes

Joe Dombrowski collected the funniest stuff kindergarteners have said and read them out loud. People loved it so much, he made a second one!

20. Teachers React to Student TikToks

Kids are all over TikTok, so these teachers decided to check out some of their school parodies and share stories of their own. The final video makes them tear up instead of laugh, but in a good way.

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20 Funny Videos About #TeacherLife That Are All Too Relatable