14 Hilarious Teachers on TikTok

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WAT Funniest TikTok Teachers

You know most of your students (and even their parents) have TikTok accounts, but what about teachers? There’s a lot of content to scroll through, so we’ve tracked down the funniest teachers of TikTok to share with you. Perhaps you’ll get a good laugh. Maybe you’ll feel seen and heard! Perhaps you’ll even get inspired (in which case, share your account with us in the comments below!)


An English teacher who shows us what all of her students are thinking!

We laughed out loud at this parody of kids wanting to negotiate their missing assignments at the end of the quarter.


This belongs on a spam account somewhere. But I’m not wrong… #middleschool #highschool #teachersontiktok #teacherlife

♬ Original Sound – Unknown


A teacher who also posts amazing fashion and food videos!

We laughed out loud at this parody of a student who forgot to put their name on the assigment. #truth


Your name should always be the first thing you write.📝 #teachersoftiktok #blackteachersoftiktok #willworkforheels #tiktokteacher #putyournameonit

♬ original sound – Madifing Conde


High school English teacher shares some comedic moments on TikTok.

We laughed out loud as he compares elementary school to high school teaching.


to each their own 🤷‍♂️ (I know I wouldn’t survive a day with those lil guys on Zoom) #fypシ #teachersoftiktok #elementary #highschool #zoom

♬ original sound – Mr. Mayonnaise


This high school math teacher parodies her students in this TikTok account!

We laughed out loud when she parodies an attempt to talk to parents in this video.


#duet with @penelopedolce Don’t forget the grading period ends tomorrow!!!! #teachersoftiktok #teacherlife2020

♬ original sound – Penelope Dolce


English lit teacher and teacherpreneur coach!

We laughed out loud at this parody of a teacher running into a parent when out and about.


Oh hey, girllllllll. #teachersoftiktok #teacher #highschool #middleschool #youngteachers #blackteacher #funnyteacher #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – Britt O (bosstofe)


Teaching littles and sharing TikTok stories! We can relate.

We laughed out loud when she calls out parents who do their kids’ projects.


When the adults “help” 😂😜 #howbizarre #teacherlife2020 #helping #studentwork #teachersoftiktok

♬ How Bizarre – OMC


First-year teacher who laughs at himself and the current teaching situation. 

We laughed out loud as he naps during planning period. (Just joking!)


This is a joke, I actually work very hard…I think… #teachersoftiktok #fyp #teacher

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey


Sharing teaching in 2020. We feel this pain!

We laughed out loud and cried at this video about remembering life before quarantine.


#tiktokteachers #HappyHolidays #GiftOfGame #onlineclass

♬ I remember when – Teo Domani


A middle school teacher from Nashville, she tells you how it is! 

We laughed out loud at this day-in-the-life of virtual teaching.


There’s always one group 🙃 #teachersoftiktok #foryou #fyp #tiktokteacher #virtuallearning #funnyteacher

♬ original sound – Emily


A middle school teacher who likes to have fun!

We laughed out loud at this audio of Olaf from Frozen. “Samantha? I don’t even know a Samantha!”



A geometry teacher who shares duets, interactions with students, and pro teacher tips.

We laughed out loud at this series of fake teacher tips and the student reactions.


Reply to @gyroman2113 disclaimer: may result in headaches #proteachertip #bonk #FamilyRecipe

♬ original sound – Mr. Clidence


This middle school teacher loves dressing up, dance breaks, and general TikTok hilarity!

We laughed out loud as she roasts her 22-year-old, first year of teaching, self!


this is me roasting myself 22 year old self. Love you, first year teachers!! #tiktokteachers #teachersoftiktok #tiktokteacher #voiceeffects

♬ AK47 Tik Tok – Pr!d3


A math teacher who shares her “screen POV” during virtual learning.

We laughed out loud at “What are you laughing at? Because it’s not math. Math ain’t that funny.”


It’s a joke!!! TS: 4:45pm #teacher #tiktokteacher #teachersontiktok

♬ Quirky – Oleg Kirilkov


A kindergarten teacher keeping it real!

We laughed out loud at her comparison of teachers pre pandemic vs. post pandemic.


Here we goooo…. #tiktokteacher #teachersoftiktok #teachertok #kindergarten #momsoftiktok #GetFit #OutfitChange #fypシ

♬ original sound – Amy Perry

Who are your favorite funniest teachers on TikTok? Share in the comments below.

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14 Hilarious Teachers on TikTok