12 Inspiring Videos For School Staff Meetings

Press play and watch the energy in the room change!

If you’re looking to energize your staff and challenge them to think outside the box, we have a fresh idea for your next school staff meeting. Kick things off with an inspiring and motivational video! YouTube is filled with quick clips filled with ideas on everything from owning mistakes to kick starting passions to staying focused and achieving big goals. Your staff may not expect it—and that’s a good thing! An ambush of inspiration never did any harm. Here are 12 of our favorite clips to get you started!

1.Brendon Buchard—”How Incredibly Successful People Think”

Motivational speaker Brendon Buchard breaks down a really simple truth about success—it’s all in your mindset. You can’t say you don’t know how to do something or don’t have what it takes. Successful people never see any limitations in going after what they dream about.

2. Oprah Winfrey—”There Are No Mistakes”

There’s no mistaking that Oprah is the guru when it comes to living your best life. In this clip, she reinforces that every mistake happens for a reason. The best way to know that is true? Nurture yourself and stop the mind chatter that says you’re not good enough.

3. Why Do We Fall: Motivational Video

Get everyone pumped with this mini movie that reframes failure. No one cares IF you fail… you’re going to be remembered by how you responded to that failure. Never let failure—or fear of it—turn into an excuse to give up entirely!

4. Trevor Muir- “Teaching is Tiring (And Worth It)” 

From cleaning up glitter to reporting abuse, this video shares many of the reasons teaching is such a tiring profession. However, you have to watch the whole video, because Muir brings it back around and gives the reasons it is all worth it.


5. “A Pep Talk from Kid President to You”

Sure,  he may be even younger than some of the students you teach. But you can’t deny this viral superstar’s zest for life. Some of his greatest pearls of wisdom are some of the simplest. A favorite? “If life is a game, are we on the same team?”

6. Dream—Motivational Video

The only thing we can really say about this video is share it as a challenge to your staff.  Challenge them to watch it and then not feel immediately ready to tackle their biggest goals or finish a project they’ve pushed off.

7. Brendan Buchard—”How To Stay Focused” 

Another amazing one from Brendan Buchard. In this one, he gets to the heart of why it’s so important to define your mission before you start each day. That way you’re only getting the things done that move the mission you set forward.

8.  Simon Sinek—”Start With Why”

Sinek is the author of the equally powerful book, Start With Why. This edited version of his TED Talk reinforces WHY we must know WHY we’re doing anything before we get started. This applies to lesson plans to staff meetings. Knowing why you’re getting out of a bed in the morning and why you have the job you do makes a big difference in getting others to follow your lead.


9. Rocky’s Speech to His Son

Sometimes you just need to serve up some tough love  . . . and who better to do that than Rocky Balboa himself? (and yes, in case you were wondering, his son Is played by a young Milo Ventimiglia who you might know from the tv show This Is Us!)

10. Denzel Washington—”Aspire To Make A Difference”

The Oscar winner packs in a lot of life lessons in this incredible speech. Some of the best takeaways? Fail big—you only live once. Take chances. Go outside the box, don’t be afraid to dream big. Dreams without goals ultimately fuel disappointment, Have goals—monthly, weekly, yearly, daily. Be disciplined and consistent and plan.

11. Steve Jobs—”Here’s to the Crazy Ones” 

One of the most iconic speeches delivered by one of our greatest creative minds. Dare your staff to think big and dare them to bring out the next Steve Jobs in their classrooms!

12. J. K. Rowling—”The Benefits of Failure”

Harry Potter was born out of the lowest point in J.K. Rowlings’ life. And, she was determined to make the series a success because she needed to pull herself out of the darkness. Don’t just show this clip at a staff meeting—show it at an assembly with students there too!