9 Ideas For Making Virtual Learning Joyful and Fun

Finding the delight in remote learning.

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Teachers making virtual learning fun.

No one wants to see our kids sitting in front of a computer screen all day. In the classroom, we make learning fun using stations, hands-on learning, and small group work. There are opportunities to connect, laugh, and play. So, how can we make virtual learning joyful and fun? We were inspired by teachers across the web who are finding creative ways to do just that.

1. Scavenger Hunts

We love how Amy Blaylock challenged her kids to find something to put on their head during her virtual class meeting (extra creativity points to the kid who used a laundry basket!) The bright smiles on their faces are proof that virtual learning can be fun and full of laughs. Check out our list of scavenger hunt ideas for inspiration.

2. Theme Days

Gaymya Drummond-Bey is running a Make Online Learning Fun Challenge on Instagram. She suggests planning theme days where the class wears the same color (school colors could be fun!). Here are more ideas for virtual theme days.


3. Mix It Up

It’s a best practice to give kids multiple ways to learn a skill. We love how this student uses toys he has at home to learn, and the reminder that our kids can “virtually do anything.”

4. Hand Signals

How cute are Anna Crawford’s second graders? We love how they end virtual meetings by making a heart with their hands. We use hand signals so our kids can share what they are thinking and feeling non-verbally. It’s hard to “read the room” when you are teaching virtually, and seeing each other on a screen can feel isolating. Using hand signals makes virtual learning more fun and interactive. 

5. Hands-on Learning

The first graders at Bolin Elementary are learning many different ways to make ten. Kids are learning virtually, but their teacher is also finding creative ways to help them interact with materials they have at home. Learning virtually is more fun when kids have hands-on opportunities to learn. We love using materials kids have at home like dice, LEGO bricks, and decks of cards

6. Bitmojis!

There’s a reason Bitmoji classrooms and stickers are so popular this year. Kids love them, and they make virtual learning more fun and interactive. Creating virtual scavenger hunts, field trips, and libraries are just some of the ways teachers are using Bitmojis to make virtual learning more fun. 

7. Play Games

There are a lot of online tools for playing games, but sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go. Our kids are adjusting to so many changes. “Unplugged Learning” gives them a chance to step away from the screen and playing games that students know and love (like Memory) is familiar and fun. 

8. Use Humor

Online learning can be intimidating! Lower the stakes and use humor. We love her expressions and how she’s created introductions to the content that make it fun and interactive. Check out our humor section for more inspiration!

9. Brain Breaks

Esther Park reminds us that we need screen breaks to make virtual learning sustainable and more fun. Modeling self-care for our kids is so important right now. We love how she gives her kids choices. They can rock out to Go Noodle, stretch, rest, or close their eyes. Find more ideas for brain breaks here.

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9 Ideas For Making Virtual Learning Joyful and Fun