Free Resources for Fire Prevention Week for In-Person or Remote Learning

Add some more fun to learning about fire safety!

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With more kids home for longer stretches of time, learning about fire safety is a must. When it comes to teaching children how to stay safe around hot things and what to do in an emergency, we know the message must be repeated every year and throughout the year. We’re excited to share resources to help you and your students make this the best Fire Prevention Week ever:

Fire Safety Choice Boards

Want to get your students and their families practicing good fire safety habits? The first choice board is for student independent fire safety practice. The second choice board is for families and caregivers to practice fire safety habits like making a home fire escape plan.

Early reader ebook: Annie Makes a Plan

Join Annie and her family as they plan and practice a home fire escape plan. This leveled eReader gets kids reading about the importance of having two ways out of every room, working smoke alarms in the home, and having a home fire drill twice a year.

Early reader ebook: How Much Do You Know About Fire Safety?

Fire safety starts with making good choices. Your students will love reading about three ways to help keep safe when it comes to fire. This nonfiction book will give kids important fire safety tips about staying safe. They’ll learn to stay away from hot things, what sound a smoke alarm makes, and what to do in an emergency.

Video: I Spy Cooking Safety

Teach children how to be safe in and around the kitchen. This fun video gives easy tips for the whole family.

These awesome new resources are just a taste of what you can find for kids at Sparky School House

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Free Resources for Fire Prevention Week for In-Person or Remote Learning

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