15 Videos That Bring Kids to the Farm

Barns and balers, cows and combines.

Chicken on a green meadow

There’s so much great learning to be done around the topic of farms. Teaching agriculture in the classroom can cover everything from animals and nutrition to sustainability and machinery. We narrowed it down for you, putting together this list of our favorite farm videos for kids. Enjoy!

Real Tractors and Farmers at Work

From John Deere Kids, this half-hour video shows tractors, combines, loaders, and more being used on real farms. Learn how they help produce food for people around the world!


The Journey of Milk

We love the kid hosts who share how milk gets from farm to table in this video!

I Want to Be a Farmer

Studying community helpers? Check out this Can You Imagine That? series. In this episode, Ben wants to be a farmer with his own farm where he can grow his own fruits and vegetables!

Pasture Play Virtual Farm Tour


This virtual field trip from Stonyfield Organic includes a tour of an organic farm in Vermont featuring happy cows at home on the farm. Don’t miss the second part of the trip, Meet the Farmers.

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

This classic is made all the better with real animals!

Jenna, a Dairy Farmer


In this episode of Citizen Kid by Disney, Jenna, a seventh-generation dairy farmer, teaches other kids about where their milk comes from.

Kids on the Corn Farm

Follow 13-year-old Abigail as she works her summer job detasseling corn (that’s when you go row by row to remove the tops of corn in order to control pollination).

Charlotte’s Pasture

Farm livestream? Yes, please! Watch these rescued pigs living in Farm Sanctuary’s pig pasture in upstate New York. You can also check out their Cattle Pond Pasture and Sheep Barn Cam.

Take a Field Trip To the Farm

Isn’t public television the best? Join Miss Penny and the KidVision Kids as they collect eggs, measure a pony, and milk a goat.


This is a nice clip for teaching kids facts about horses. Check out similar videos on other farm animals like rabbits and chickens.

Virtual Beehive Tour

Don’t forget about bee farming! Learn about honeybees and what the inside of their hive looks like with this video from Creek House Honey Farm.

Harvesting Potatoes

In this excerpt from the children’s educational DVD Out and About On the Farm, kids can watch potato harvesting from beginning to end.

Henhouse Virtual Field Trip

Take your students through a virtual field trip through a working egg farm, to demonstrate how eggs get from the farm to their table.

Purina Farms

This is a fun way to meet the farm animals and pets that call Purina Farms home. Learn what’s special about each one!

Virtual Petting Zoo Tour

Zoo Atlanta Audrey and Adrianna invite you in to meet the goats and sheep in their petting zoo!

More Free Dairy Farm Videos and Resources

A black and white calf sitting in a field at one of the family dairy farms

Moo! If you teach about farms, food webs, or animals in your elementary classroom, then you’ll definitely want to check out these free resources.

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15 Videos That Bring Kids to the Farm