Take Your Students on a Dairy Farm Virtual Field Trip

Videos, lesson plans, printables, and more.

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A black and white calf sitting in a field at one of the family dairy farms

Moo! If you teach about farms, food webs, or animals in your elementary classroom, then you’ll definitely want to check out some of the free resources available from The Dairy Alliance. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find:

Video: Meet Riley Mason,  sixth-generation farmer

This virtual field trip introduces your students to a real dairy farmer. They’ll meet his adorable new calves and learn how huge fans keep a barn full of cows cool on hot days. Farmer Riley even shares how he gives cow pedicures! Students’ favorite part will definitely be the close-up look at the super-cool robots that milk the farm’s 160 cows. This is real-life STEM in action, and your students may discover a career path they hadn’t considered!

Video: Sustainability and Recycling on a Dairy Farm

This video shares how much of the dairy farm can be recycled in order to make the most of the materials needed and money used.

Lesson plan: Makin’ Cows Smile

Students learning about dairy

The Discover Dairy website has several lesson plans for elementary school, including lessons on how farms work, how milk gets to the store, and how clean water plays a role in dairy farming.

Printable: Farm to Fridge

Farm to Fridge infographic

This free printable shows how milk gets to you and is also available in Spanish.

Bulletin Board Kit: Dairy Good

If you’re studying healthy eating or celebrating ways to care for the environment, you’ll love this ready-to-go bulletin board. It packs fascinating information about family dairy farms and milk. Round out your display with these Dairy Fun Facts. (Students will especially love the one that reminds us that all types of milk have the same amount of protein, vitamins, and minerals—chocolate and strawberry included!)

Video: Dairy and the planet

A kid-friendly look at how dairy impacts the planet.

Find even more resources on The Dairy Alliance Dairy in Schools page. Click here to find out if you live in The Dairy Alliance region and are eligible to request free printed classroom materials such as this Dairy Good bulletin board kit.