Dang, These Encanto Memes About Teaching Are 100% Accurate

We don’t talk about standardized testing.

Luisa from Encanto carrying donkeys labeled State Testing, Evaluations, PD, and Sudent Behavior

It seems like Encanto speaks to a lot of people, and teachers are no exception. From Luisa unfairly bearing the weight of crushing burdens to Pepa needing coffee to remove her storm cloud, we see ourselves in these characters. These Encanto memes prove that when it comes to teaching, the family Madrigal just gets it.

1. We feel the surface pressure, too

Meme with Luisa carrying donkey and text 'I'm totally fine'

Luisa isn’t the only one who feels like she’s going to drop a donkey.

2. The fire alarm struggle is real

Meme with Mirabel kicking the door in on Bruno

Gets me Every. Single. Time.

3. There’s no stress like standardized test stress

Meme of Mirabel and village kids with text 'Maybe your gift is being in denial'

We don’t even believe ourselves on this one.

4. TFW your students realize you’re a person

Meme of Encanto faces with text 'My first graders finding out I don't actually live at school'

No, I don’t sleep here.

5. Nothing like the smell of brand-new Ticonderogas


Meme of Isabela with text 'It's beautiful, and it's mine.'

No one else gets it.

6. More PD is not what we need right now

Meme of Mirabel with text 'Uhh, thanks?'

How about some class coverage instead?

7. When your recertification requirements take you by surprise

Meme of Dolores with text 'Email: Your certification is up next month. Please submit your 150 clock hours'


8. Nothing makes a teacher feel more powerless than standardized testing season

Meme of Abuela and text 'What are you doing?'

“You have plenty of time. No need to rush. Check your work.”

9. “Are you tattling or telling?”

Meme of Encanto kid with text 'My kinders tattling on each other'

So. Much. Tattling.

10. It’s been the longest year ever

Meme of Pepa shushing Felix

We don’t talk about the calendar.

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Dang, These Encanto Memes About Teaching Are 100% Accurate