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We don’t talk about Bruno, but we can’t stop talking about Encanto. We love this incredible movie for its representation, themes, and most important—teachable moments. We put together some learning activities just for you and your Encanto-obsessed students. Enjoy!

Interactive Google Slide: Learn About Colombia

Share this link with your students and invite them to click on each box to read an article or watch a quick video on the country where Encanto takes place.

Image of Interactive Google Slide: Learn About Colombia

Grade K-2 Activities

Younger learners will practice fluency, vocabulary, and creative writing with these Encanto-themed activities.

All Grade K-2 Resources

Teacher letter plus all Grade K-2 activities

Reader’s Theater Script: How Encanto Came to Be

Complete with Spanish pronunciation guide and candle prop

Writing Activity: Imagining My Gift

Students write and draw about their own gift

Grade 3-5 Activities

Older students engage with the themes of the movie through a writing activity and high level discussion.

Encanto Grades 3-5 Full Packet

All Grade 3-5 Resources

Teacher letter plus all Grade 3-5 activities

Encanto Grades 3-5 Writing Activity

Movie Summary: What’s It All About?

Students use a word bank to complete the summary

Encanto Grades 3-5 Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions: Digging Deeper into Encanto

Try these thought-provoking questions with your class

Watch the Movie Trailer

10 Books to Read If Your Kids Love Encanto

10 Books To Read If Your Kids Love Encanto

We don’t talk about Bruno-no-no.

Street view in Colombia

5 Teachable Moments From “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”

Lessons from everyone’s favorite earworm.