These Embarrassing Teacher Moments Have Happened to Us All

Been there, done that.

Most Embarrassing Teacher Moments

Ever have one of those moments? You know, one of those I-want-to-bury-myself-in-the-sand moments? Those can-I-just-get-my-bag-and-head-home moments? We’ve all been there. Every teacher worth their salt has a few painfully embarrassing stories to tell. If it hasn’t yet, it’s bound to happen to you sooner or later. And there’s really not that much you can do about it other than have a good laugh along with everyone else and move on. We’ve rounded up a few hilariously embarrassing teacher moments from Instagram and our friends on the WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook. These will make you laugh, feel better, and nod your head in recognition—and empathy.

The classic wardrobe malfunction.

I once slipped on ice and ended up doing the splits, which tore the crotch of my pants … in front of the entire carline! A few parents cracked up, but some tried to help me. SOOOO embarrassing! —SS

The downside of being a local celebrity.

Did I really just say that?

I was running a recess in the gym, and I’d blown the whistle for kids to pause and be silent. A couple kids were still dribbling basketballs, so without thinking I yelled, “Everybody hold your balls!” I teach eighth grade. —KR

Oops, I didn’t consider that option.

Okay, this teacher wins!

One day I stopped at the restroom before lunch duty. I walked around the cafeteria for a few minutes until finally one student told me I had a long trail of toilet paper hanging out the back of my pants! What could I do but just laugh along with the kids? —TD

It happens to the best of us.

You weren’t supposed to see that.

Walking around with an armload of tests in my hands, I didn’t look down and caught myself on a crate of textbooks in the aisle. I flopped right over onto my belly with my feet in the air, like a teenager on the phone! Three beats of silence, then the sixth grader next to me says, “I thought you said we’d never see your tattoo.” (Butterfly on my lower back.) —JE

Guess smelling like whipped cream all day might not be the worst thing ever.

They’re faster than they look.

Last year, I was playing basketball with my fourth graders when this little dude busted out a wicked crossover dribble. Two hours later, my ankle was in a brace, and my ski season was over. —DK

I wore my slippers to work—again.

Now that’s just mean!

I threw up in front of a group of fifth graders during one of my university fieldwork placements, and my awful supervising teacher did nothing to help me. I had to walk through the school to the office covered in vomit to let them know there was a mess to clean up! —SG

It’s in the school handbook: Do not pet the children.

The hazards of being a newbie.

Last year, on the second day of my first year teaching, I was walking with the students to an assembly when I fell on the stairs going into the auditorium. Instead of asking me if I was okay or helping me up, they just stepped over me. They all thought I was just another new student! —SM

Brave enough to reveal your embarrassing teacher moments? Come and share in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook.

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