25 Teacher Pinterest Fails So Bad They’re Good

Don’t be ashamed. Let’s celebrate those teacher #pinterestfails.

Best Teacher Pinterest Fails

There’s nothing like a good Pinterest project to inspire big dreams of the perfect student craft, science experiment or gorgeous classroom decor. However, it seems like more often than not, those big Pinterest ambitions turn into whopping Pinterest fails. Here are some of our favorite teacher Pinterest fails of all time. Feel free to share yours as well!

1. Sad Frosty


This door décor looks more appropriate for Halloween than Christmas.

Source: Pinterest Fail


2. Missed the Boat


Ocean in a bottle? More like tears in a bottle.

Source: Crafting a Green World


3. Stop the Shamrock


This teacher says: “Pinterest has such great ideas, they said. They are so easy to do, they said. Four-leaf clovers made from using a marshmallow as a stamp? No problem, they said. PROBLEM.”

Source: Pinterest and Instagram


4. Fan Favorite


When your project looks exactly the same as before you added your Pinterest magic.

Source: Instagram


5. Tail Fail


The teacher swears these were supposed to be turkeys.

Source: Craft Fail


6. STEM Gone Wrong


“Note to self: Don’t let the rainbow experiment sit over the weekend.”

Source: Pinterest and Instagram


7. Bury It Under Books


Was that topography supposed to be there?

Source: Sew Many Ways and Craft Fail


8. Don’t Cry Over Spilled Cones


Looks like this classroom garden needs some tending.

Source: Pinterest and Instagram


9. Reduce, Reuse … Never Mind


“When you try to make cute rainbow crayons and it fails hard.”

Source: Pre-K Pages and Instagram


10. Full-Moon Fail


“We made the moon phases out of Oreos! We also made a huge mess! Note: Do NOT try this project unless you have Double Stuf!”

Source: Pinterest and Twitter


11. Clay Catastrophe


Save these disasters for the students who forget their pens.

Source: Pinterest and Twitter


12. Questionable Valentines


When your valentines come on a little too strong.

Source: Pinterest and Instagram


13. Taste the Rainbow


The real question is, are they still edible?

Source: Pinterest and Instagram


14. Marbled Mess


When you attempt your Pinterest project before you’ve had your first cup of coffee.

Source: Pinterest and Instagram


15. Big Button Bomb


Not even close.
Source: Craft Fail

16. Sad Alice

Let’s face it, the book is always better.

Source: Twitter

17. The Nightmare Before Christmas

If the goal was to scare the students, then we’ve got a win!

Source: Twitter

18. Sludgy Slime

Does homemade slime ever go as planned?

Source: Pinterest and Twitter

19. The Perfect Hostess Gift

Unfortunately, the color choice only makes this one worse.

Source: Pinterest and Twitter

20. Mix, Pour, Fail

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Pinterest, it’s that the projects are never as easy as they look.

Source: CraftFail

21. Soar to (Sort of) Great Heights

Sadly, these string balloons aren’t going to get much air,

Source: Pinterest and Twitter

22. Can’t Blame This on the Cat

Maybe it just takes a little more practice?

Source: Pinterest and Pinterest

23. Sensory Bottle Without the Calming Effect

When your sensory bottle attracts more dog hair than students.

Source: Pinterest and Clever Nest

24. Field of Broken Dreams

We bet it still works for scaring away bad dreams.

Source: CraftFail

What are your favorite teacher Pinterest fails? Please share in the comments, and we’ll add to this list.

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