Classroom media has come a long way since the days of filmstrip projectors! These days, you can find videos online about just about anything, and they’re a great resource for teachers. Check out these YouTube channels for educational content that will enhance your lessons, whether you’re teaching online or in-person.

Note: As with all media, we recommend screening videos in advance to be sure they’re appropriate for your audience.

Pre-K and Elementary School YouTube Channels

Teaching toddlers their shapes and colors? Helping elementary kids understand math and science concepts? Looking for fun ways to explore social studies? These YouTube channels have the content you need.


The Alphablocks are 26 living letters who discover that whenever they hold hands and make a word, something magical happens. This hit show combines phonics with fun to help little ones learn the skills they need to become readers. If your kids enjoy it, be sure to check out Numberblocks too. 

Crash Course Kids

This kid-friendly series from the creators of the popular Crash Course (see below) covers science for elementary kids. The channel includes topics like earth science, biology, astronomy, and more.

National Geographic Kids

Everything you love about National Geographic, but geared toward kids’ interests—and attention spans. Travel and explore the world with short videos featuring animals, science, and much more.

Storyline Online

Top-notch actors reading fantastic children’s books? Sign us up! Each video includes imaginative animation based on the illustrations. Plus, teachers can find supplemental curriculum on Storyline’s website.

Finding Stuff Out

The best YouTube channels for kids are those that feature other kids! Finding Stuff Out explores everything from hair to sports to robots, with young hosts that speak to students on their level.

PBS Kids

It’s no surprise that PBS has some terrific educational YouTube channels, including PBS Kids. Get full-length episodes of shows kids love, like Daniel Tiger and Wild Kratts, plus read-alongs, Sesame Street, and a lot more.

Free School

If you’re looking for age-appropriate videos on history, science, or language arts, look no further. Free School covers these topics and more in a way that’s perfect for younger learners.

SciShow Kids

Explore all the best science topics, with videos that aim to answer the eternal kid question: “Why?” You’ll also find experiments and our favorite series: playground science.

Kids Academy

This is another one of those YouTube channels for kids that covers a bit of just about everything. You’ll even find chess lessons for kids!

ABCMouse is well-known as a terrific program for early learners. Their channel includes educational songs, crafts and activities, and more.

Middle and High School YouTube Channels

Videos are a terrific way to engage older students on topics from science to literature to current events and beyond. These educational YouTube channels cover it all.

It’s Okay To Be Smart

This channel was created by created by Joe Hanson, Ph.D., who describes himself as “a curious group of atoms in a very curious universe.” His videos cover everything from “Does My Dog Know What I’m Thinking?” to “My Date With a Giant Pacific Octopus.” 

The Infographics Show

This channel aims to take facts of all kinds and turn them into engaging and intriguing videos. Watch stories of incredible people, events, and mysteries. There’s a new video nearly every day, so the variety is practically endless.

Simple History

Simple History visualizes the past, bringing history to life through animation. The videos cover ancient Egypt to the Cold War and everything in between.

Crash Course

CrashCourse has 30+ in-depth courses on a wide variety of subjects, including chemistry, literature, philosophy, and more. They’ve recently teamed up with Arizona State University to produce study courses specifically aimed at high schoolers.


Everything you love about TED Talks, with subjects chosen to interest kids and teens. Topics are wide-ranging, and the videos are just as engaging as you’d expect from TED. We especially love the “There’s a Poem for That” series, which pairs classic poetry with award-winning animation.


The MediaWise project is a non-profit, nonpartisan program that teaches people how to find reliable, accurate information online. These videos teach students to be thoughtful consumers of online content, rather than just believing everything they see.


SciShow loves to explore what makes everything tick. They upload new videos daily, covering science news, fast facts, and deeper exploration of fascinating topics. 

The Brain Scoop

Think of this YouTube channel like a museum field trip with the best tour guide ever. Emily from The Field Museum in Chicago takes you behind the scenes to learn how (and why) natural history museums do what they do. 


Biography highlights newsworthy personalities and events with compelling and surprising points-of-view. From historical figures to current political leaders, authors to artists, you’ll find pretty much anyone you can imagine here.


The concept is simple: videos about numbers. Explore the golden ratio, prime numbers, pi, and so many more. Math teachers will definitely want to bookmark this one.

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