30 of Our Favorite Educational Shows on Amazon Prime

Looking for the best educational shows on Amazon Prime? We got you.

You might use Amazon Prime for the amazing deals and other perks. But membership also offers access to some exclusive streaming content. We searched and found the best educational shows on Amazon Prime that are perfect for using as supplemental content whether you are teaching online or in person! Check out our choices below.

(Note: Grade recommendations were made by our editorial team, but of course you are always the best judge of the appropriateness for your own children and students.)

Best Educational Amazon Prime Shows for Elementary School

Best Educational Amazon Prime Shows for Elementary School

Animal Encyclopedia

Your animal-obsessed students will love this documentary series.

Art Classic Stories Series

Want artistic renderings of classic children’s stories? In each short episode, an artist helps students visualize classic stories, from Country Mouse and City Mouse to The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg.


What an interesting premise: A rockstar dog can’t perform until a story has been read to him. If that’s not enough, there are some awesome celebrity cameos!

Children of the World


Give your students a glimpse of what everyday life is like in other parts of the world. These 13-minute episodes are a great way to fill any gaps in the day and get in a lesson on culture and geography. And students will get a look at remote places they’ve likely never heard of.

DrawMe a Story Series

More art! In this series, different artists draw and sketch pictures inspired by the stories your kids have come to love.

Dino Dan

Dan Henderson is a ten-year-old boy who eats, sleeps, and breathes dinosaurs!

 Dino Dana

A spinoff of Dino Dan, this series centers on nine-year-old Dana, who learns new things about dinosaurs in every episode.


If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Based on the book with the same name, you get to know Mouse, Pig, Moose, Dog, Cat, and their favorite humans!

Tumble Leaf

Your kinders will love spending time with Fig and friends as they explore Tumble Leaf Island, play, and learn about the world around them.

Wild Kratts

Kids will learn a ton about real-world issues that affect animals as the Kratt brothers try to save or protect animals from things that threaten them.


Looking to boost your class’s vocabulary? Check out the adventures of the superhero WordGirl who uses her vocabulary to combat crime. The show also has an affiliated site full of vocabulary-building activities.

Best Educational Amazon Prime Shows for Middle School

Best Educational Amazon Prime Shows for Middle School


Get to know preteen scientist Anne and her friends as they use her laboratory to solve real-life problems.

Horrible Histories

These fast-paced episodes take an unorthodox approach to history and will have your students laughing while they learn. The series mixes in facts about historic people while showing just how horrible—and gross—they were. Trivia questions break up the episode segments.

The Long Long Holiday

This animated miniseries tells the story of Colette and Ernest, who are sent to the French countryside during WWII after their dad joins the war and their mother falls ill. Your students will learn about WWII from a refreshing perspective.

The Mystery Beneath

A documentary filled with tension and excitement as the men on board the Ocean Explorer come across a strange, massive object on their sonar.

Ocean Mysteries

Wildlife conservationist Jeff Corwin explores the mysteries of the ocean. Students will learn about myriad aquatic animals. Prepare to be fascinated.

Popular Mechanics for Kids

In this popular series, students will learn how a variety of things operate, from zoos and roller coasters to movie special effects and electricity.

Wow, I Never Knew That

Have a class of curious students who always want to know the history of random things, like the Slinky, area codes, or Popsicles? They’ll find out when you tune in to this edutaining series.

Xploration DIY Sci

Join fave Steve Spangler as he presents scientific concepts in a fun and accessible way. Your students will want to conduct the experiments, and since Spangler uses familiar items, they can!

Best Educational Amazon Prime Shows for High School

Best Educational Amazon Prime Shows for High School

Antarctica A Year On Ice

A documentary that reveals what it is like to live and work at the bottom of the planet.

Elon Musk: The Real Life Iron Man

Discover the rise of Elon Musk, the man transforming the way we think about travel technology.

Famous People of the World

Each seven-minute episode provides students with biographical information about some of the world’s most important people, from scientists to philosophers, and their ideas and contributions. A great way to begin a unit.


Looking for a serious, in-depth look at current events? There are 12 seasons of Frontline available on Amazon Prime.

Great Greek Myths

About to start a unit on Ancient Greece? This series will serve as a good primer, introducing students to the Greek gods and their stories.

Harriet Tubman – They Called Her Moses

A documentary that follows Harriet Tubman. Includes audio recordings of African-American spirituals sung by former slaves.

The Big Picture with Kal Penn

Numbers never lie? Maybe not. In this series, Kal Penn goes behind the data, often uncovering unexpected commonalities and introducing different ways of seeing the world around us. Be sure to preview the episodes to make sure they are appropriate for your students.

 The Science of Secrecy

Have a future Ethan Hunt in your classroom? This series explores codes and how they were broken. From hieroglyphs to the codes that secure today’s data, students will be impressed by how these codes were eventually cracked.

Xploration Animal Science

This series tackles animal-related questions, everything from how a cow’s stomach works to how animals use camouflage to stay hidden from predators.

Xploration Earth 2050

What will the world be like just a few decades from now? This series explores just that. In about twenty minutes, host Chuck Pell tries to find out what things like STEM, plastic, and DNA will be like in the near future.

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30 of Our Favorite Educational Shows on Amazon Prime