35 Spooky and Educational Halloween Videos for Kids

Count skeletons and do spooky yoga!

Three skeletons holding up the numbers; 1, 2, 3.

Halloween one of our favorite holidays to celebrate in the classroom! We get to dress up, be silly, and eat candy! Yes, things are still a little different this year, but it’s a great opportunity to bring joy to your lessons right now. Display one of these educational Halloween videos for kids to brighten your students’ day!

1. Halloween Counting Show for Kids

This animated music video introduces young children to numbers and basic counting.

2. Halloween Around the World

Join Jeremiah in this educational video for students and as he takes on a trip to celebrate “Halloween Around the World.”

3. Halloween Kids Vocabulary

Kids can learn basic Halloween vocabulary with this adorable video.


4. Halloween Stories For Children


Learn more about the origins of Halloween with Dr. Binocs!

5. The Not So Great Pumpkin—A Halloween Math Read-Along

Enjoy this spooky Halloween story featuring double-digit multiplication.

6. Five Jack O Lanterns

Elly and Eva are going to visit a haunted mansion! Watch the coolest, funniest, spookiest Five Jack O Lanterns and celebrate the spirit of Halloween with them!

7. Dino-Halloween Read Aloud

Follow along on this fun book read aloud! Dino-Halloween by Lisa Wheeler

8. Halloween Funny Puzzle Game for Kids

Kids can help the monsters find their way home with this fun Halloween video!

9. Funny Scary Skeleton Yoga for Kids

This is 20 minutes of giggly, funny, bone-shaking yoga!

10. The History of Halloween for Kids!

The history and story of Halloween explained for kids in a fun and creative way!

11. Patterns for Kids with Halloween Costumes

Kids will learn more about patterns using these fun Halloween costumes!

12. Learn About Halloween


Annie and Moby take us through the history of Halloween!

14. Kids Vocabulary—Happy Halloween

Mummies, skeletons, witches, and spiders—oh my!

14. Halloween Nursery Rhymes

This collection of songs is great for learning the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, and more.

15. Gecko’s Halloween Stretching Trucks Bake A Pumpkin Cake

To get into Halloween spirit, Gecko gives his trucks a spooky makeover and then bakes a pumpkin cake!

16. Halloween Math Mystery—Case of the Tricking Treat

Kids can help solve a Halloween math mystery with this video which can be combined with this activity book.  

17. Halloween Counting Song for Kids

Counting and problem-solving take center stage in this cute Halloween video for kids.

18. Blippi Halloween Song

Sing along to the spooky Halloween song while also learning all about colors, costumes, and pumpkin drawing!

19. Halloween Spelling

Kids can learn to spell all of their favorite spooky Halloween words!

20. Learn Colors with Scary Surprise Eggs


Younger kids can learn the colors as they sing and dance with Halloween eggs!

21. Halloween What Am I Quiz


Find 10 Halloween quiz questions, each with three clues. Students have five seconds to guess the Halloween words for each question.

22. Spooky Spectacular: Super Yoga!

This quick five-minute video is a great way to incorporate some spooky Halloween yoga into the day!

23. Dia de los Muertos Educational Video for Students

Join Roshell as she talks about Dia de Los Muertos, a Mexican holiday that is celebrated by many around the world.

24. Halloween Facts About Pumpkins!

How much do you know about pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns? This video shares some fun facts!

25. Blippi Trick-or-Treat

This Blippi Halloween songs is a nursery rhyme with fun dancing and spooky (but child-friendly) costumes.

26. Halloween Counting for Kids

This spooky video will have kids counting all the way up to 20 scary things!

27. Halloween ABCs

This extremely colorful video and catchy song will have everyone singing their ABCs!

28. Learn the Emotions Halloween Song

Kids can learn to identify emotions with this fun song set to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It!”

29. Count to 10 With Spooky Ghosts

Counting to 10 has never been more spooky or fun!

30. Halloween Songs for Kids

This collection of popular Halloween songs for children includes Halloween dances; spooky, funny, and (not so) scary monsters; witches; and ghosts.

31. Halloween Spelling Songs for Kids

Can you spell Halloween? Kids will have a great time singing this super fun Halloween song and learning to spell.

32. History of Halloween For Kids—Animation

What are the origins and traditions of Halloween and Trick or Treat? Explore this question and more with this informative video!

33. 7 Fun Facts About Halloween

An energetic sock puppet shares some Halloween facts about ghosts, colors, witches, and more!

34. A Halloween Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

This yoga video tells the story of Ruby Broom, a witch who’s teased at school until Halloween night when the kids realize how unique and wonderful she really is.

35. Alphabet Halloween—ABC Halloween Song

How many Halloween words do you know? Kids can learn the alphabet and phonics with this Halloween dance party!

What are your favorite educational Halloween videos for kids? Share in the comments below.

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35 Spooky and Educational Halloween Videos for Kids