20 Educational Games and Activities for Alexa

Who knew Alexa could turn your living room into an escape room?

Best Educational Alexa Skills

You use Alexa to check the weather and play your favorite tunes. But did you know that everyone’s favorite voice assistant also provides plenty of learning opportunities? Here are some of the best educational Alexa skills to try right now. To get started, just say “Alexa, play….” or “Alexa, launch…” Some of these Alexa skills require you to enable additional permissions, but most don’t.

1. 1-2-3 Math

This educational Alexa skill tests kids their elementary math knowledge. Choose from three categories, “easy,” “medium,” and “hard,” and earn points for correct answers.

2. Amazon Storytime

Kids can hear hundreds of short stories read aloud, and even make special requests. (“Alexa, tell me a silly story!)

3. Animal Workout

This one is a great way to get kids up and moving! Alexa will challenge you to waddle like a penguin or crawl like an ant while upbeat music plays. Dozens of animal types/movements featured!

4. Curiosity

In this educational Alexa skill for curious kids, Alexa asks you to choose between different topics (like “the moon” and “emotions”) and then gives you fun facts based on your choice.

5. Daily Dinosaur


Learn about the dinosaur of the day! After Alexa tells you about the dinosaur, consider having kids draw what they think it looked like. Then look on Google to see if you are right.

6. Earplay

Earplay has a “mature content” warning but in our testing we didn’t hear anything that wouldn’t be suitable for middle school and up. Use your own discretion, of course, but we loved this “choose your own adventure” storytelling skill that feels like an old-time radio show.

7. Escape the Room

Turn any room into an escape room with this skill! Really fun, really hard. (My family has yet to beat the easiest level.) Probably best for middle school and up due to the difficulty of the clues.

8. Guess the Animal

Kids love this guessing game! Alexa pretends to be an animal and reads a series of clues. As soon as kids know the answer, they can say “Alexa, you’re a zebra!” 

9. Kids News

A kid-friendly news digest that also features news and fun facts.

10. Kids’ Quiz

You can try this skill every day to hear three new questions about animals, science, and more.

11. Lemonade Stand

Remember this old school computer game? It’s been reinvented as an Alexa skill, and it’s so much fun! Kids practice math while making and selling lemonade.

12. The Magic Door

This is another choose-your-own adventure story skill, set in a fantastical world. Good for all ages. 

13. Silly Things

This one is maybe not as educational as others on this list, but still lots of fun! Alexa will give kids “silly things” to do, such as “do your most silly dance.”

14. Story Blanks

Like Mad Libs…for Alexa! There are only four story templates to choose from, but this is still a fun one.

15. This Day in History

Ask Alexa to launch “This Day in History” to learn all about historical facts from the day. Powered by The History Channel.

16. Travel Quest

Kids can travel around the world and earn stamps for their passports with this virtual simulation.

17. Tricky Genie

Test kids’ decision-making and logic with this story app that frequently pauses and asks kids to choose between three “sacks” with potential answers to a problem.

18. Word of the Day

Learn a new vocabulary word every day with this educational Alexa skill for all ages.

19. Word Play

This Jeopardy-like game allows you to compete with players around the world to complete word clues.

20. Would You Rather for Family

Spark family conversations with these fun “would you rather” scenarios, specifically written for kids.

What are your favorite educational Alexa skills? Share in the comments!

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20 Educational Games and Activities Kids Can Do With Alexa