42 Little Things That Drive Teachers Crazy

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"It's Fine." A dog cartoon surrounded by fire. Sayings that drive teachers crazy.

Don’t get us wrong. Most of the time, we love our jobs. There’s no greater profession for making a difference in the world. And the kids are wonderful and hilarious, too! But there are some things that drive teachers crazy, according to our Facebook fans. Here’s just a peek.

1. When parents send their kids to school because they only threw up “a little bit”

Gif of man surprisedly pointing at camera -- drive teachers crazy

2. When students don’t seem to understand the word “no”

Wtf Confused GIF by The Runner go90 - Find & Share on GIPHY

3. When you hear “is this for a grade?” for the 37th time

Obviously GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


4. When students insist on writing with this …

Small pencil -- drive teachers crazy

5. When kids go to Disneyland for two weeks, come back, and ask if they missed anything

Gif of a man saying "we did nothing but sweat."

6. When a student raises a hand and you think they are going to contribute something insightful, and they ask …

Gif of a woman saying "Can I go pee?" -- drive teachers crazy

7. When a parent says “well, Johnny never acts like this at home”

Gif of a woman giving a dis-approving look.

8. When students refuse to pick up trash because it’s “not theirs”

Gif of a man saying "no. no. we're all in this together." -- drive teachers crazy

9. When you give students candy (that you paid for with your own money) and they ask for another piece

Gif of a woman saying "I'm not a bank."

10. When students mix together the different colors of Play Doh (or glitter, or paint …)

Gif of swirling psychedelic pattern.

11. When students ask “what are we doing?” as soon as you finish giving instructions

Gif of a man saying "did you hear me?" -- drive teachers crazy

12. Pencil tapping

Geek Waiting GIF by Alpha - Find & Share on GIPHY

13. Weird mouth noises

Gif of a woman saying "sksksksk"

14. When people just leave the copier jammed

Gif of a man reaching into a printer and grabbing a red bell pepper. -- drive teachers crazy

15. Pretty much any TikTok dance

Gif of a life-size teddy bear doing a Tik Tok dance.

16. Kids jumping up before the bell rings

Gif of a woman saying "pump the brakes"

17. When students (and parents!) put their entire email in the subject line

Gif of a woman saying "I just delete, delete, delete." -- drive teachers crazy

18. When students borrow our good supplies without asking

Gif of a man moving a stapler onto his desk.

19. Too many meetings

Gif of a man saying "When the conference call could have been an email" -- drive teachers crazy

20. When kids leave dirty tissues on the ground … or put them back in the box … or anywhere except the trash

Gif of a woman saying "I just threw up in my mouth a little bit."

21. Gum, in any form

Gif of a woman wrapping gum around her finger.

22. When an announcement over the loudspeakers interrupts your teaching

Gif of a man saying "go ahead." -- drive teachers crazy

23. Loud farting or burping

Gif of a woman cringing.

24. When kids’ eyes seem to be glued to the clock

Gif a clock that says "Tick"

25. When a student walks into the teacher’s lounge

Gif of a puppet touching a man that says "Excuse me, what is personal space?"

26. When kids park in the faculty lot

Gif of a car parking into a tight spot and hitting a different car.

27. Chair rocking

Gif of a gecko swinging back and forth -- drive teachers crazy

28. When a student turns in no assignments for the entire semester and then asks for extra credit

Gif of a man saying "I'll tell ya, I don't see it happening."

29. When a student calls you “teacher” or “Miss” for the entire semester

Gif of a woman saying "that's not my name." -- drive teachers crazy

30. When one of these falls on the floor

Gif of a hydro-flask rotating.

31. When students ask “what do I get if I finish my work?”

Gif of a woman saying "you get me!" -- drive teachers crazy

32. When students rearrange furniture or desks without asking

Gif of a woman saying "can you not?"

33. Sharpening pencils during a lesson

Gif of a man breaking a pencil. -- drive teachers crazy

34. Middle schoolers drawing male anatomy on literally everything

Gif of a man saying "why?" -- drive teachers crazy

35. Students writing on their desks

Gif of a cartoon rabbit banging her head on a table. -- drive teachers crazy

36. When no one reads your e-mail

Gif of a man saying "I told you." -- drive teachers crazy

37. When students don’t put the lids back on glue sticks

Gif of a woman saying "Roscoe, we talked about this."

38. When our colleagues hit reply all

Gif saying "this content is not available"

39. When a student says “but my mom lets me”

Gif of a woman saying "my suite. My rules."

40. No-name papers

Gif of a man saying "we have no names, man. No names! We are nameless." -- drive teachers crazy

41. When parents text their kids during classGif of a woman typing into her phone agressively.

42. Glitter. Just glitter.

Gif of teenagers getting glitter thrown on them.

What other little things drive teachers crazy? Come and share in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook.

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42 Little Things That Drive Teachers Crazy