16 Art Projects That Only Require Basic Supplies

Kids don’t need specialized supplies to make amazing art.

Collage of art projects that are perfect for distance learning

Teaching art is very much a hands-on process. Distance learning and virtual classrooms make that process a bit more challenging. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can help kids explore art techniques and styles during online learning. These distance learning art projects require only basic supplies like crayons, colored pencils, scissors, and watercolors, which most kids already have on hand. It’s time to get creative!

1. Go on a color scavenger hunt

Introduce young students to the wide array of colors in the world around them. Have them scribble a colored square from a selection of crayons or markers. Then, send them off to find items that match!

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2. Assemble a found objects color wheel

Distance Learning Art Projects The Crayon Lab

Older kids can take color exploration one step further by putting together their own color wheel from objects around their house. (Be sure they put everything back when they’re done!)

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3. Experiment with grid drawing


Distance Learning Art Projects Three Little Pigs

Grid drawing is one of those distance learning art projects that can be differentiated for various ages and skill levels. Little ones can start with free printables like these to learn the process. Older kids can apply the grid method to more complicated images of their choice.

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4. Photograph a conceptual self-portrait

Ask kids to draw a self-portrait, and many will say “that’s too hard!” so try this conceptual portrait project instead. Students assemble and arrange objects to represent themselves, then take a photograph to share.

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5. Shade name art with colored pencils

Have kids grab their colored pencils while you teach an online lesson on shading. Have them outline the letters of their name, then shade and color to make graffiti-like creations.

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6. Turn shapes into art

Distance Learning Art Projects A Girl and a Glue Gun

This easy idea lets students experiment with color, texture, and creativity. Get the free printables at the link.

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7. DIY some scratch art paper

Distance Learning Art Projects That Artist Woman

Kids make their own scratch art paper with this cool project. First, they use crayons to color a piece of paper randomly. For the black layer, they paint over the color with black acrylic paint and allow it to dry. No paint? Black crayons will work pretty well as a substitute. To create their masterpieces, kids use a sharp object like a toothpick to scratch out patterns and pictures to see the colors underneath.

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8. Color a cubist autumn tree

Distance Learning Art Projects Krokotak

Learn about cubism and play with color in this whimsical project. The tree trunk is made of a piece of black construction paper, but if students don’t have any on hand, they can simply color it black instead.

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9. Cut out Fibonacci circles

We love distance learning art projects that bring a little math into the mix. Delve into Fibonacci sequences and cut out circles to represent them. Everyone will start with the same circles, but each arrangement will be different.

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10. Sketch an eye self-portrait

All students need is a pencil and paper for this art lesson. First, they learn to draw a human eye. Then, they add personalizing details and patterns around it. The video at the link walks you through the project.

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11. Add doodles to everyday objects

Distance Learning Art Projects Art Ed Guru

Whimsy is the rule of the day when kids add doodles to objects from around the house. This quick and easy idea really brings out the creativity!

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12. Paint crayon resist art

Distance Learning Art Projects Entertain Your Toddler

Break out that seldom-used white crayon and use it to create resist art. Students draw a picture or write a message in crayon, then paint over it with watercolors to reveal the secret.

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13. Snip paper snowflakes

One of the best things about this idea is it only requires printer paper and scissors. Instead of cutting randomly, challenge kids to plan their snowflake designs and sketch them first. They’ll be impressed by their frosty creations!

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14. Sculpt Giacometti figures from foil

Distance Learning Art Projects Nurture Store

Grab a sheet of aluminum foil from the kitchen and learn how to plan and sculpt figures like Giacometti’s. We love that there’s some art history tied into this project.

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15. Trace toy shadows

Show kids how to set up a lamp to cast a shadow of their favorite toys. Once they’ve made their tracing, they can add details to complete the picture.

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16. Fold and color paper birds

Distance Learning Art Projects Red Ted Art

Origami is an ancient and often complex art, but these birds are simple enough you can show kids how to make them via Zoom. Once the folds are done, they can use markers, crayons, or other supplies to supply the personality!

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20 Distance Learning Art Projects That Only Require Basic Supplies